Is it obligatory to drink Zamzam water during Umrah?

Is it obligatory to drink Zamzam water during Umrah?

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As we know, Muslims from all over the world consider Zamzam water as blessed water. During performing Hajj and Umrah, they drink this water every time. Many narrations highlight the importance of Zamzam water in Islam. In this context, consider this topic to know more information, “Is It obligatory to drink Zamzam water during Umrah?”

Any Muslim performs the Umrah, also known as a “lesser pilgrimage,” at any time of the year to the holy city of Makkah. It is the beautiful Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

It is a mustahabb for a person performing Hajj or Umrah to drink Zamzam water if he can afford it. Same, if he does Umrah while fasting, there is no sin in not drinking Zamzam water, and he can drink it even after breaking the fast.

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What is Zamzam water?

Muslims believe that Zamzam water is blessed holy water. The Zamzam well, which is located inside Masjid Haram in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, is the source of this water.

Drinking Zamzam water during Umrah – obligatory or mustahabb

It is not mandatory to drink Zamzam water; rather, it is mustahabb. However, drinking Zamzam water is not obligatory at all times, but it is obligatory after performing the two rakats behind the Maqam Ibrahim only.

According to Sharia, if one can afford it, drinking Zamzam water while completing the Hajj or Umrah is a mustahabb. Similarly, if somebody performs Umrah while fasting, it is appropriate for him to drink Zamzam water even after breaking his fast.

According to scholarly opinion, if a pilgrim is going to Makkah for the Umrah, it is acceptable for him to either break his fast or keep his fast, however they disagreed as to which is preferable. Fasting is preferable for those who do not find it difficult to fast while travelling. And for those who find it difficult to fast while travelling, there is no problem in making up the fast. Particularly for someone doing Umrah, as he needs physical stamina to perform Umrah properly with du'a, the appropriate focus, and humility.

Miracle of Zamzam water

The Zamzam well's miracle and its holy water are what give it significance in Islamic history.

The Zamzam water has several well-known qualities, including:

• It reduces hunger cravings

• Applying it to the eyes helps with eye-related issues like sight problems

• It helps in reducing acidity

• It helps in the prevention of dental caries

• It aids in skin cell restoration

• It fulfils the wishes and prayers of pilgrims

• It provides a good source of nutrition and enhances general health

Zamzam water as a gift

Pilgrims travel to Makkah to join the Umrah journey around the entire world. Drinking Zamzam water is a requirement of the holy journey. Since this water has numerous health advantages, pilgrims keep it in containers and bring it home with them. One of the best Saudi gifts to give to loved ones and friends is this. This water has a unique taste that many people enjoy and is high in calcium. It is also available to Muslims in any old market in Medina or Makkah.

The holy water is used by pilgrims to both drink and cleanses themselves during the Umrah. Additionally, they bring part of it home for their loved ones and friends. The holy well continues to hold a place of high religious significance for Muslims due to its curative qualities and the unusual composition of its water.


Every Muslim performs Umrah, a magnificent spiritual pilgrimage, to connect with Allah and cleanse their souls of inner impurities.

Zamzam water is revered as sacred water by Muslims everywhere. Every time they perform the Hajj and Umrah by booking their Hajj and Umrah Packages, and they drink this water when they reached Saudi Arabia. Numerous narrations emphasize the importance of Zamzam water in Islam.

According to Islamic Sharia, it is a mustahabb for a pilgrim to drink Zamzam water during Umrah. If a pilgrim does Umrah during Ramadan, he must drink water after breaking his fast.

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