What Is a Travel Engagement Ring?

What Is a Travel Engagement Ring?

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There are different types of rings everyone needs to know about. Even more fascinating is that; there are travel engagement rings. Mostly lab grown solitaire engagement  rings are popularly known as travel engagement rings

These are affordable ring types you can wear in place of your costly ring for engagement whenever you're traveling. They are a cheap way to let the world know you're engaged without putting your real engagement ring at risk.

More so, married couples now spend little cash to pay for travel rings. They can then wear them in place of their original wedding rings. This allows any adventurous couple to travel anywhere without worrying about losing or damaging their expensive wedding bands.

Why Are People Opting for Travel Engagement Rings?

The modern-day engagement rings are beautiful and economical. Most of them come in the form of plain bands featuring a beautifully-placed one-centered gemstone. These are the admirable solitaire engagement rings that people fancy for marriage proposals. They are one of the classic ring styles. The majority of the rings reflect the beauty and sparkle of the cost-friendly lab-grown diamond rings. 

The solitaire diamond ring could fall under any one of the following timeless pieces:

Solitaire round engagement ring
Solitaire emerald cut ring
Solitaire classic oval ring
Emerald cut solitaire ring
Prong solitaire
Vintage solitaire

When traveling, no one wants to imagine losing or damaging their most valuable and admirable engagement ring. You might be planning to explore the world, tour a new city, or even visit an island to spend some time at the breathtaking sand and sea. 

If you fear losing your timeless piece, you might not be comfortable enough to wear your glittering ring. Losing precious jewelry might also mean losing the symbol of your relationship far away from home. 

Misplacing your proposal ring will definitely raise the alarm and heighten the sense of panic inside you. You could be far from home and don't know what to do. You cannot even imagine how you'll start telling your significant other. 

Probably he saved a lot of cash to buy you the most pricey and precious engagement ring. Sadly, the loss of jewelry while traveling is a reality. That's why the majority are now opting for a travel engagement ring.

In fact, many newlyweds now prefer wearing travel rings during their honeymoon. That way, they get to avoid the cautions of traveling with jewelry. Hence, they won't have to worry about anything wrong happening to their actual wedding rings.

There are more reasons why a travel engagement ring is indeed a very clever idea. 

Why Are Travel Rings Worth Your Purchase?

You Can Later Shop for Your Ideal Ring Together​
​Today, there are many driving forces behind the changing wedding traditions. Brides no longer go for anything they're given. Instead, they know what they want and insist on going for it. It's no surprise that once she says yes, many couples choose a ring together.

You may ask yourself, 'what if you want a surprise proposal?

If you want a surprise proposal, aren't sure what your partner wants, and still don't want to disappoint her, you can go for the lab grown diamond engagement ring. This will help you overcome the stress of a surprise proposal, and later you can buy the real engagement ring together.

So, you can use the fake diamond engagement ring. Once she says yes, you can later shop for the ideal proposal ring together. Purchasing the lab grown engagement ring allows you to propose anytime without much planning. Most importantly, once your finances allow it, you can shop later with your fiance for the real thing.

Remember, shopping together for the proposal ring she likes can also be romantic. Luckily, nowadays, you don't have to travel far to a jewelry store to select the ring of your dreams. You can get online and shop together from the comfort of your home. 

You also get the liberty to purchase other wedding jewelry sets, including;

Tennis necklace-Gatsby tennis necklace, classic tennis necklace, diamond necklace for women,  diamond necklace men, diamond necklace pendant,
Tennis bracelet - diamond bracelet for men, tennis bracelet emerald cut, classic tennis bracelet, white gold diamond tennis bracelet

You Can Use the Travel Ring on Your Vacations​
Spending money on the travel engagement ring is not money wasted. You can use the ring repeatedly for your vacations. You often hear brides returning home from trips, devastated that their precious diamond ring is lost in the sea or forgotten in a hotel. You don't want to deal with such heartbreaking moments.

Indeed, lab grown diamond engagement rings are ideal for those who don't want to risk losing a piece of treasured jewelry abroad. You also want to avoid paying insurance premiums to secure your ring. Therefore, a lab created diamond ring can make a perfect travel companion for you.

Travel Engagement Rings Looks Better
The beauty of travel engagement rings is that; you can get high-quality ones that are remarkably a good substitute. In such cases, even a jeweler can hardly spot the difference.

The rings are also graded according to clarity, color, carat, and cut. Just like the real lab-grown diamond ring quality, they depend on the experience and technique of professional stone cutters.  

For an authentic travel engagement ring, shop for hand-cut Cubic zirconia (cz) from a reputable supplier. It helps to understand the Cubic zirconia. Usually, a hand-cut CZ cut with improper technique won't have the diamond's brilliance. Hence, it will appear unreal.

This is why it's crucial to engage a reputable jeweler or supplier when going for hand-cut CZ. When shopping at a jewelry store, ensure you ask the jeweler questions about the product material information.

When cut appropriately, a hand-cut CZ will display similar luminosity to a fine diamond, indistinguishable to the eye.

Key Takeaways
The truth is that; your jewelry is essential to you, and you wouldn't want to leave it behind. But the reality is that; you don't want to risk anything like losing your precious solitaire diamond ring during a vacation.

Many who've lost their expensive jewelry could not afford to replace it and wouldn't want to face the risk again. With the present-day complicated travel security, there are higher chances of having your jewel stolen than ever before. But, with travel engagement rings, there's no need to worry about ring loss, theft cases, or having to pay for costly ring insurance.

And, if your partner uses the lab created diamond engagement ring for a surprise proposal, you don't have to fret. So, do not hesitate to enjoy your proposal with the lab grown diamond engagement ring. Enjoy, and make it part of a happy lifelong love story. Later, you can buy the exact engagement ring of choice together!

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