Things To Do At Every Destination

Things To Do At Every Destination

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There are so many things to do during your traveling time.

No matter where in the world you are, here is 10 Rules that you should definitely fallow, to get unforgettable and complete tour there.

I want to share my experiences and skills to made your next trip perfect done!

Let’s start!

1.     Language

Learn the language. Before you go to any country, learn their language. Of course, it does not mean that you have to study the language completely. Learn a few words, phrases. Learn how to say Hello and Thank you. Just enough to make a connection with the locals.Would be better if you learn how to introduce yourself or how to order something in bar, or restourant.. There are plenty of possibilities if you search in Internet.

You will see the local people will be astonished and open up to you if you make an effort of communicating in their native language.

2.     Transporting

Use public transport. You see more and you meet real people here. Most of the time, travelling by public transport is cheaper than going by taxi for ex.


3.     Restaurant

Go to a restaurant recommended by the locals. The restaurants at tourist zone are often overpriced and have all kinds of food, just not the real deal. If you really want to know how is the local food culture you have to visit a restaurant that the locals would go to.


4.     Shopping

Visit the shopping places where locals used to go, supermarkets, shops and etc. You will definitely find something new and different from what is sold in your country.

Allso this rule is for Souvenir Shops.


5.     Recommendations

If you only visit the tourist sites, I am sure your trip will be ok and selfies will look like a “Traveler’s”.

 If you want more, ask around! The locals will know what kind of places are really worth a visit and opposite.


6.     Challenge yourself

Try something new, unusual. Do what makes you scared. Push yourself out of your comfort  zone. Try parachute jump, ride a horse or just eat something new.  A truly great trip will teach you something about yourself, may even change you a bit.


7.     Rituals

Participate in a Cultural Activitys. If you have a chance doing this, don’t miss! They are half of the impressions you get from traveling.


8.     Get lost

Getting lost is a great way to become close friand with a place you visit. Forget your maps for one afternoon and get lost. You will see what will heappen.


9.     Don’t be a Tourist

Just Spend one day with no seting plans. Ask about the daily routine of a local. Go by foot or rent a bike and set off. Go to the market, buy some food, walk in the parks, talk to the locals, act like you’re home. Make your day as usual from morng till evening, if you have enough time (free day) for doing this. You’ll be feeling like a local.


10.    Memories

Capture  and write everything you have traveled. It is the essential thing for every trip, am I right?

If you consider these 10 golden rules, your trip will be unforgettable, belive me.

What are the other things should people do at a destination? Tell me your opinions. 

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Travel With Us travel blog images

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frankmkinnison October 26th, 2022

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nishaknapp August 10th, 2022

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ducklife July 19th, 2022

I really love reading your blog. It is very well drafted and easy to understand. Thanks very much! If you have more time, please visit: fall guys
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Travel With Us October 9th, 2017

MoonSoulSteps Yes! I've always had amazing feeling,since my childhood, when tourist said some words in my native language.
travel blog

MoonSoulSteps October 7th, 2017

Loving this post guys! I really agree strongly with learning a bit of the language before you travel to the destination! I am trying my best to apply it! I have now realised how much the locals in particular appreciate the effort we choose to make.
travel blog

Travel With Us September 15th, 2017

Thanks my sweetie <3 It's very nice to meet you too .. I totally agree with you in this case. Greetings from Georgia ^_^
travel blog

More than Destination September 14th, 2017

Travel as a local is my way of traveling. I completely agree with every single point you made here. It's so great to meet (even if it's only virtually) like-minded people. :)

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