Signal jammers hinder the development of the Internet

Signal jammers hinder the development of the Internet

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Now, mobile phone signal jammers are installed in every examination room. However, after using for a period of time, the device will become hot, which may endanger the normal use of the device. The heat dissipation of cell phone jammer is very necessary, and there are certain differences in the heat dissipation capacity of the heat pipes of mobile phone jammers of different models and performances. So, how does the mobile phone jammer use heat pipes to dissipate heat? The traditional test of mobile phone jammers only relies on the gradual drop in temperature. But now, most test room data signal mobile phone jammers are equipped with cooling fans. This kind of cooling fan not only reduces the noise, the actual effect of heat pipe heat dissipation is also very significant, but also can help the instrument and equipment to reduce the temperature in the first time.

The college entrance examination is approaching, and signal jammer must be installed for key enrollment, qualification certificate examinations or final examinations to shield the signals of electronic devices around the examination room to avoid possible electronic cheating. So, how much signal jammer can be shielded? Can an examination room use only one signal jammer to achieve the purpose of shielding? How many signal jammers should be used in a teaching building? First of all, everyone must understand: The signal jammer in the examination room has a basic theoretical shielding range, which is about 0-20 meters. But it must be noted that it is the basic theoretical distance, and the actual effect should be combined with the local receiving sensitivity, especially whether there are signal base stations nearby. If there is a signal base station within 200 meters, the shielding effect will be greatly reduced.

In some cases, when we need to enjoy a quiet environment, what we most hope is not the interruption of mobile phone ringtones, such as making a request in a church, gathering in a company, resting at home, maybe in a theater, and many other occasions. In order to end this policy, wifi jammer devices are generally installed or used in these occasions. With the comprehensive coverage and popularization of mobile phone 4G networks, is there a device that can effectively shield 4G signals and help people end their quiet state? When participating in some important meetings, the person in charge often prompts us to turn off the mobile phone or set the mute state before the meeting, so as not to be affected by the phone's ringtones during the meeting, which may interfere with the normal progress of the meeting. Assuming that everyone is in a meeting and discussing the key points, then suddenly someone’s cell phone rang, which not only affects the development of the meeting, but also wastes other people’s time if the meeting is interrupted by the phone. Therefore, at this moment, we urgently need a device that can actively shield the mobile phone signal, and create a quiet air for us after shielding the signal.

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