Everything You Need to Know About Vaping and Traveling

Everything You Need to Know About Vaping and Traveling

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Vaping and travelling can go hand in hand if you know which things require your attention. The main reason people travel is to enjoy another city or a country. If you love to travel and vape during your adventures, all you have to do is read our tips to learn everything you need to know. Let’s dive into the tips for travelling with your vape kit.

Firstly, learn about the laws and regulations
Every piece of advice is just a click away. It’s up to you to learn about the laws and regulations regarding the use of vape devices. Each country has their own set of rules and your goal is to be a good tourist and not break any rules. If you’re travelling to a different country, find out whether both smoking and vaping are allowed and if they are, where and how you can smoke. Some countries allow smokers to indulge in their favourite past times in front of a restaurant, in a clearly defined area. Others might have a different set of rules. In the end, your goal is to enjoy your travel and freely vape according to the laws. Paying a hefty fine might ruin your vacation if you break the rules. We can assume that this is not a scenario you’d look forward to so know your legal rights.

Pay attention to packing
You need to be careful with packing, especially if you travel by plane. A typical vaping device contains a battery, so just like any other battery-operated device, you’re allowed to carry it on you or in your hand luggage. However, make sure to look into these rules as well. In addition to this, don’t forget to pack your charger, because you won’t be able to use your device without it. Make a list of the things you plan on packing and ensure you know every best practice regarding the carrying of a vaping device and its accessories. Also, don’t forget that vaping just like regular smoking isn’t allowed on planes, trains or any other means of public transport.

Secure every item from unnecessary damage
Another thing you should pay attention to is the way you handle your vaping kit. You should handle packing with utmost care because you don’t want to risk any damage or spillage. Besides packing your vaping kit discreetly, you should also secure each item to avoid damage. The best practice with delicate items like a vape pen is to wrap it with something soft. Then, you should place it in a plastic wrap with a seal or you should seal it manually. Either way, ensure everything is secure and positioned between clothes for added safety.

Don’t rely on local vape stores, bring your own juice
If you’re a seasoned traveller, you probably know how much stuff you need during your travels. This means that you know which things fall into the essentials category. In other words, things you can’t go without. One of these items is your favourite nicotine vape juice. If vaping is one of the preferred ways to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, you should pack an additional bottle or two of vape juice. Finding local vape stores might be difficult, tedious and time-consuming especially if you travel from city to city. It’s always best if you come to your travel destination prepared and sure that you’ll have enough bottles of vaping juice to last during the entire trip.

Elevation might affect your device
If you want to avoid any leakage or any other damage to your device caused by high altitude and changes in air pressure, make sure your device is empty. The changes in air pressure can force the liquid out of the device which causes leakage and further damage. You can empty it by smoking on your way to the airport (if you travel in your car) or by simply carrying the container that is half full. Just remember that high altitude can have an effect on it so prepare in advance.

You might be required to do some explaining
Now, let’s say you do your research, find out that vaping is allowed at your destination but somehow you run into airport staff who don’t know anything about it. This means that you’ll have some explaining to do. Firstly, it’s just like any other question so make sure to remain calm and explain. If you had a similar experience before, you know that you should remain patient in such situations. You can also equip yourself with the right documentation to explain that you’re carrying a device that is meant for personal use and that it isn’t against any laws or regulations in the country you’re visiting. Consider it just like any other bump in the road and proceed with patience and a calm stature.

Firstly, learn everything there is to know regarding the smoking and vaping rules at your destination. Then, learn how to pack correctly, and safely to avoid any questions. Ultimately, you’ll be prepared to travel with confidence and enjoy your favourite practices while you travel.

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