the love doll's skin may become sticky

the love doll's skin may become sticky

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How to maintain love doll skin?
Regularly use body cream on the delicate components of love dolls (elbow joints, knees, armpits, genitals) and take 6 hours to ingest.

It is advisable to take care of the love doll man's skin with baby oil or vaseline every month. Treatment: Cover the whole body with baby oil and saturate for 30-60 minutes (if using petrolatum, saturate overnight). This activity causes all-natural oils on her skin and TPE.

Over time, the love doll's skin may become sticky. To prevent this, use infant powder / cornstarch on your skin.

Generally speaking, you need to wash new clothes before putting them on for your RealDoll. Be careful with products such as dyes and inks. These products and items transfer shades to the skin of love dolls. Do not use anything that is attached to Dutch wife products. Natural leather products using dark clothes and oil-soluble pigments.

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How to clean a sex doll?
If there is dirt or dust on it, wipe it off with a wet towel and shower gel. If there is dirt that cannot be removed with bath lotion, remove it with cleaning oil. If the cleaning oil does not remove the dirt, the big breast love doll may be dirty.

TPE sex dolls are temperature sensitive and should not be "disinfected" at high temperatures (70 degrees or higher). This is because TPE materials deform at high temperatures.

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How to clean a lollid wig?
Dutch wife wigs are usually difficult to care for. Washing your wig with water can help irritate your hair. The best way is to be careful to keep it at normal times. You can ask for a wig maintenance solution from your business, or you can simply get it from the website. The wig maintenance solution can form a protective film on the surface of the wig, extend the service life of the wig, and make the wig smooth and easy to comb.






TPE製のダッチワイフは温度に敏感なので、高温(70度以上)での「消毒」は避けてください。 TPE材料は高温で変形するためです。


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dldolls travel blog images

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