In real life, we are actually very close to the mobile phone jammer

In real life, we are actually very close to the mobile phone jammer

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Mobile jammers are not only suitable for university entrance exams, but also for qualification exams, high school entrance exams, national exams, etc. This means that cheating using mobile phones has been discovered one after another. I think this method of installing mobile cell phone jammer and temporarily "stopping service" test sites is the most effective measure. A radio station license is required to install the equipment. By transmitting a weak radio wave of the same frequency as the radio wave of the notification message from the mobile base station, communication is blocked and subsequent location registration and polling become impossible, so the display of the mobile terminal becomes "out of service area". Communication Was suppressed. We will also introduce this device around the bank. We will start to restrict the use of mobile phones at ATM corners. This is a joint effort by financial institutions to prevent criminal damages such as transfer fraud. Multiple financial institutions will jointly install equipment at ATM corners. It is used as a measure to prevent transfer fraud.

Many employees use mobile phones for long periods of time at work. You need to install a cell phone signal jammer in the office. Manage employees like a boss. It is difficult to improve work efficiency. There is a demand for employees not to use mobile phones to improve the work efficiency of office workers. This rule is strictly regulated. However, it does not work. Many people sneaked their smartphones. Mobile jammers can help solve this problem. Using this product, employees will not be able to shop or play games on the Internet. This is to block all signals. The product has a wide range of applications. According to the signal strength of the designated area, it can be blocked up to 30 meters. If you don't want to affect other areas, you can use its adjustable function to adjust the cut-off radius. The mobile wifi got stuck in the office.

To be honest, since we developed mobile phones, they have been of great help to our daily lives. Young people can enjoy entertainment life. Brings a lot of convenience. However, using smartphones for a long time is annoying for us. You need to use a mobile wifi jammer to solve the problem. What is the device that interferes with the smartphone signal? Is it effective? I have a question like this. In fact, many countries use this kind of mobile phone signal jammer. A device used to prevent the use of mobile phones. So far, it has a wide range of uses. With advanced technology, life becomes very convenient. Use cell phone signal jammers to protect your privacy. A device that can temporarily interrupt the signal of a mobile phone. The effective range of interception can effectively disable the smartphone. This jammer is easy to use. This device may cause blocking of communication equipment.

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alexytony travel blog images

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