Mother India, Goa

Mother India, Goa

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Goa India

Packing my bags l pondered on what was to come. Mother India was waiting for me.  Hot, cold, wet, dry what should l expect?

Arriving in Goa l was greeted by a dense wall of humidity and blistering heat. Nothing like l’ve quite experienced in a long time. Porters, and drivers alike milling about waiting for the old and the new faces. 

The new being me.

Driving through Indian rush hour Is enough to wake anyone up after a long day of flying. Holding onto my seat for dear life. The constant honks, bikes coming at you from every direction, cows in the road, water buffalo making their presence known by forming an orderly line right down the centre of the “highway”. What a rush! I didn’t know where to look, how to respond to the chaos, my exhausted brain was trying to take it all in. I was overcome with exhilaration, excitement, joy, happiness and total awe. And the was just the drive from the airport.

Having read about all the places to visit in Goa, l decided to make the most of the local knowledge let my exploring be led by those who know it best. And to say l have not been disappointed in an understatement.

Arambol beach, if you are looking for a place to “party” and have a good time this is it. High season brings the hippies, music lovers as well as lovers of many other things. However, if you are like me and just want to put your feet up and relax this is a good spot to browse around, the market stalls on a short walk to the beach. The beach was clean, the sea warm, people friendly and welcoming. And of course the sun was in full shine mode. Note to self if you haven’t been in the sun for a long period of time, always remember the sun screen!! Lobster skin for a day or two then a reprieve of normality and tanned skin, phew!!. The heat in Goa is a scorcher, it lures you into a false sense of heavenly beach bliss.

After a day at the beach it was time to get to business, sight seeing, local hot spots and time to embrace the chaos and delight of the City Centre (Panjim)… beautifully structured Temples, Churches and mosques, all sitting majestically in their relevant spots, pending the torrent of their worshipers and well wishers. Flower sellers sit patiently at the entrance of the temples waiting for the rush of worshippers, selling their beautifully crafted garlands, “only 10 rupees”  a woman says…. a gasp, l recoil in shock at how little they request for the price of their efforts.  (85 Rupees to 1GBP) you do the math. The gaggle of woman sit at the temple doors, cajoling for the spoils of the next customer and there in the crowd of these ladies l spot and elderly flower seller, such a sweet kind face, soulful eyes and a beautiful smile. I approached her, we exchanged pleasantries, she smiled the biggest smile, l asked her if l could take her photograph, she shuffled up, sat up straight and looked right into my camera. Picture perfect, l showed her the photo, she laughed and smiled and wished me well.

I have now been in Goa for 7 days and it has yet to disappoint.

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Sunnyzimbogirl travel blog images

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