Zig Zag Pavers Design for sale

Zig Zag Pavers Design for sale

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Zig Zag Pavers Design for sale Company Introduction Qinhuangdao Tianxing Wushan building materials Co., Ltd. provides interlocking block, interlocking block, wharf brick, port brick, pavement brick, vibrating brick, C50 high strength concrete interlocking block and other cement products.Since its establishment in 1980, it has always focused on the concrete building materials industry. After more than 40 years of continuous precipitation and accumulation, it has developed into a leading supplier of surface hardening building materials in the industry. In 2004, the company aimed at the port construction of Bohai Economic Circle and invested 10 million yuan to build the hardening building materials base of port freight yard.The new factory covers an area of 13.17 acres, having integrating production, stockyard, freight yard and office, with an annual output of 50 million pieces. It is one of the largest suppliers of surface hardening products in Qinhuangdao area. Over the years, the company attaches great importance to the quality of products in the first place, casting products with character, and striving for survival and development with quality. The company has a sound quality supervision system, professional quality testing equipment. With our rich industrial experience in this field, we are committed to providing high quality interlocking blocks. The interlocking block we provide can be widely used in port, wharf, freight yard, parking lot, road and other large area and high strength applications. Our Services We have exquisite production technology, and we have always focused on optimizing the quality and quality stability of cement products. We are very focused on product quality and on time delivery. If your project requires our interlocking block, please contact us at any time! We are the manufacturer and supplier of high strength interlocking block, using advanced technology which meets international quality standards. Our products are highly valued by customers for their strong structure, excellent compressive strength, easy installation and maintenance. All the products we offer in the market are tested for quality before they are sent out of our factory. Q&A Q1:Which mode of transportation should be adopted? A:We can provide both land and water transportation. Q2:How to package goods? A:No drag packing, tension by self-locking plastic steel belt, forklift loading and unloading. Q3:How many square meters of interlocking block can be paved for one truck of land transportation? A:The size of 8 cm interlocking block can cover about 180 square meters per car, and the size of 10 cm interlocking block can cover about 130 square meters per car. Q4:How to transport by sea? A:We will provide sea transportation service, door-to-door, according to your needs. We also have specially designed the container transport package,which is suitable for sea transportation. If you want to use 10 cm interlocking bricks to pave 10000 square meters, you need about 75 standard containers to hold these bricks. If you want to use 8 cm interlocking bricks to pave 10000 square meters, you need about 55 standard containers to hold these bricks. Q5:How about the product quality? A:Our company focuses on the production of high-strength interlocking block, and strictly controls the quality of raw materials, which is not the general preparation of footpath brick. Through more than 40 years of accumulation, we have rich production experience. As a long-term supplier of state-owned enterprises in China, our company has a good understanding of the requirements of high standard construction. In recent years, we have updated the latest advanced machinery, and of course our product quality is more stable. Please rest assured of the quality of our products. Q6:Can I have an invoice? A: Our company has the qualification of general taxpayer, and of course we can issue special VAT invoice. Our Project Cases Civil Aviation Freight Yard of Tianjin Airport Freight yard of bid section C of Tianjin global ro Ro Terminal Caofeidian wharf of capital iron and Steel Group Wuan land port freight yard in Hebei Province Automobile logistics park project of Haijing group about 133 thousand square meter Tianjin Haijia Wharf Weifang Harbor project about 600000 square meters Tianjin Pacific container terminal Mingwan apartment parking lot project Ground hardening of Haiwen concentrator Maritime surveillance and law enforcement wharf of Tangshan port, Xiangyun Bay, Jingtang Port The first-stage project of Coal wharf of Caofeidian The second-stage project of Coal wharf of Caofeidian The third-stage project of Coal wharf of Caofeidian Ground hardening reconstruction of Tianjin Hangu farm Reconstruction project of Qinhuangdao North Ring Road and Jianshe Street area General terminal of Caofeidian MTR Logistics Co., Ltd Tangshan Caofeidian ore Wharf Tangshan Caofeidian Wenfeng steel Wharf Tangshan Caofeidian Comprehensive Bonded Zone Tangshan Caofeidian Hongyi WharfZig Zag Pavers Design for sale website:http://www.qhdtxlsk.com/

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Asd2354 travel blog images

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