How to Write Literature Review; Research Significance; Research Methodology

How to Write Literature Review; Research Significance; Research Methodology

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You ought to write a literature review in the introduction or a separate section as per your professor’s instruction. Let’s explore few important points due to which literature review seems important.

Firstly, provide references to the authors whose work you might have included in the research paper.
Secondly, a literature review might help you develop a clear and precise research question.
Thirdly, it will help you evaluate the past literature information related to your subject area.
Fourthly, you might gain an understanding of the significant issues related to your research topics.
Lastly, a literature review might help you to persuade the readers that you have made a significant contribution to the subject.

Simultaneously, you need to pay attention to the following points while drafting your literature review (a case study service may help you with it).

Firstly, ensure that your literature review is organized and coherent.
Secondly, make sure you maintain a proper structure, otherwise, you may lose your marks.
Thirdly, consider keeping yourself focused on the topic of your research paper.
Fourthly, ensure to cite the researchers properly in your paper.
Fifthly, consider including recent studies in your paper that you might find relevant to your topic.
Lastly, avoid making trivial citations in your paper.

Research Significance:

Generally, the significance of your research might identify the significance of your work. Moreover, you ought to write the research significance in the introduction of your research proposal. Perhaps, you will highlight the advantages of your research paper for your subject area. Likewise, you may mention the contribution of your research paper both from a broader as well as a narrower perspective.

Below, you may find some information that you might include in the research methodology section:

Firstly, present adequate information about your research methodology as you might inform the audience how you will conduct your research. In short, the information needs adequacy, such that the other researchers might implement it effectively.
Secondly, select a research methodology that might seem appropriate for your research study. For instance, you may choose quantitative research when you ought to collect statistical data, mostly in social science or medicine. Also, you choose qualitative research if you ought to conduct theoretical research, mostly in the case of literature.
Thirdly, in case you need to use both qualitative and quantitative research methods, consider using them properly.

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