Comparison; Winter vs all terrain vs mud vs highway terrain tyre

Comparison; Winter vs all terrain vs mud vs highway terrain tyre

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What difference between winter or all terrain or mud or highway terrain tyre  

If you drive a passenger vehicle such as a light truck, SUV, or CUV or trying to find the ideal tyre for a car like that, If the answer is yes, you've found the right place. Of course, if you have a sedan or other small passenger vehicle, you will choose summer, winter, all-season, touring, and energy-saving tyres. However, if you have big passenger vehicles such as SUVs, CUVs and other light trucks, summer, all-season, touring, winter, highway terrain, all-terrain or mud tyres will be a reliable option. However, the tyre type you choose depends on the road and temperature you drive. But if you have decided to choose between winter, all terrain, mud or highway tyres and are not able to choose one option, go ahead with this blog and you will find the answer to which tyre type is suitable for you.  

Of course, you have many questions in your mind such as; are mud tyres good for smooth surfaces? Are highway tyres capable of running on extremely harsh roads? Are winter tyres good for off-roading? Can an off-road tyre be good on snow? Etc. Learning the benefits or drawbacks of these 4 types of tyres will clear your doubt. People want superior performance and for that winter tyre is a must. All-terrain tyres are capable of offering all-round performance on any kind of road, choose the best snow or all terrain Tyres Alton. Now, examine the pros and cons of winter, all terrain mud as well as highway tyres. 

What are winter tyres? 
Winter tyres also known as snow or ice tyres have a higher natural rubber than synthetic rubber which makes winter tyres softer than other types of tyres. Winter tyres have a larger tread gap than standard tyres.  

Benefits of winter tyre 
Winter tyres offer many benefits. The prime reason for installing a set of winter tyres is it offers less braking distance and high stability on any kind of winter road whether it is snowy or icy, or dry or wet. High stability while cornering on extremely slippery roads in winter, and comfortable driving, are some other benefits of winter tyres.  

Drawbacks of winter tyre
It offers grip in winter circumstances and is highly good in reducing the detrimental effects of cold weather. However, if you use a pair of winter tyres all year long, the same flexible tread will deteriorate more quickly as well as offer bad grip handling and cornering in a hotter climate. Winter tyres have a short lifespan compared to other types of tyres.  

What are all terrain tyres? 
All-terrain tyres are a hybrid of smooth and harsh roads. These tyres come with deeper tread depth and an open tread design.  

Benefits of all terrain tyre 
All terrain tyre is the best type of tyre due to many reasons such as it has a strong sidewall which makes this tyre good for off-roading. With all terrain tyres, you can expect good performance on gravel, highway, street, grass, mud, snow, ice, dirt and other types of harsh or smooth terrain. High load index and comfortable ride are some other pros of all terrain.  

Drawbacks of all terrain tyre
Higher noise than a regular summer or standard tyre, shorter lifespan of up to 40000 miles, and high rolling resistance are some cons of all terrain tyres.  

What are mud tyres? 
Mud tyres are basically off-road tyres. They have deeper and wider treads than any other type of tyre ever made for passenger vehicles

Benefits of mud tyre 
Mud tyre offers a safe drive on terrains which have mud, dirt, rocks, gravel, sand, etc. if you like adventure driving such as crossing the river, driving on extremely muddy roads or any type of extremely risky road, choose mud tyre. They have strong sidewalls and a high load index.  

Drawbacks of mud tyre
Mud tyres are not for normal roads; if you drive you will experience a less comfortable ride, higher road noise, and bad braking, handling and cornering.  

What are highway tyres? 
Highway terrain is a smooth road tyre for SUVs, CUVs or other types of light trucks.  

Benefits of a highway tyre 
Strong sidewall, high braking on both wet and dry roads, high handling on wet and dry roads, high cornering on wet and dry roads, comfortable rides, quiet driving, high load index, and high mileage are benefits of highway tyres.  

Drawbacks of a highway tyre 

Offers not-so-good off-road performance. 
As you have seen every tyre type is good for a specific purpose, go for Mobile Tyre Fitting Alresford for the best highway, mud, all terrain and winter tyres. 

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