How to Troubleshoot a GFCI Outlet That Won't Reset

How to Troubleshoot a GFCI Outlet That Won't Reset

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Have you ever gone to reset a GFCI outlet after tripping it, only to find that it won’t reset? This can be a frustrating experience, but don’t worry! In this article, we will break down some of the most common causes for why your GFCI outlet won’t reset, and offer solutions on how to fix them.

Not Enough Power Flowing Through the Outlet
If your GFCI outlet isn’t getting enough power flowing through it, then it can cause the circuit breaker to trip and make it so that the outlet won’t reset. To fix this issue, check that you have a working fuse plugged in or that none of your outlets are overloaded with too many devices plugged in at once. You should also check any extension cords being used around the area as they could be causing the issue. If all else fails, try replacing the GFCI outlet with a new one.

Loose Wiring Connections
If you have loose wiring connections in your electrical panel or in the back of your GFCI outlet, then it can stop electricity from running through properly and cause it to not reset properly when tripped. To fix this issue, use a screwdriver to tighten up any exposed screws behind your electrical panel or on the back of your GFCI outlet. Then try resetting your GFCI again and see if that fixes the problem. If not, then you may need to call an electrician for further help.

Worn Out Components
Over time, components inside of your electrical panel or inside of a GFCI can become worn out due to overuse or age. If this is happening in either component, then it could be preventing electricity from flowing properly and stopping your GFCI from resetting when tripped. The best solution for this issue is hiring an electrician to come out and inspect both components for worn-out parts which need replacing before attempting to reset your GFCI again.

GFCI outlets are great safety features for homes because they protect against dangerous overloads that can lead to fires or other accidents in our homes. Unfortunately though, sometimes these outlets stop working correctly after being tripped and won't reset properly when pushed again afterwards. In this article we went over three common causes for why this might happen—not enough power flowing through an outlet; loose wiring connections; or worn out components—and gave suggestions on how homeowners can go about fixing them themselves without having to call an electrician right away every time their GFCI trips unexpectedly. We hope these tips help make solving any future problems with faulty outlets much easier!

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