DIY: Have you Made your Creative Ideas into Reality?

DIY: Have you Made your Creative Ideas into Reality?

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DIY: Have you Made your Creative Ideas into Reality?

Welcome! Have you ever dreamed of some creative designs? Have you ever desired to make some devices by your self? If you are interested in DIY, here are some novel designs which may provide an inspiration for you.

1.Watch this 12-legged Walking Table Take Its First Steps
A Dutch programmer has taken DIY furniture to a whole new level by creating a ‘walking table’ with 12 legs.
Giliam de Carpentier has created a sleek-looking 12-legged table that can make its way to you if you’re too lazy to go to your desk. The table has two motors that the maker modified using small Arduino computer controllers to alter their supply of electricity, ensuring the table legs move smoothly and at the desired pace. Besides, these legs have one extra joint per leg, making it stable and efficient.

Carpentier said that the table had two 24V brushless motors that he bought from Aliexpress ‘costing about 40 bucks each’. He also added that constructing the table took ‘more hours than bucks’.




2.Woman Makes DIY Stairlift for Her Elderly Rescue Pugs
When Sonya Karimi, 31, from New Orleans, Louisiana, adopted elderly pugs George,13, and Bodhi, 10, and Boston terrier Sam, 10, she noticed they struggled to climb her stairs.
So she built a stairlift on her own, crafting the wooden structure and getting Zach’s retired engineer parents to help out with the wiring that is neatly tucked underneath the stairs. The DIY project took just three months to complete, and uses a motor meant for a car so that more than one dog can sit in the cart at a time.Once the project was finished, the couple used treats to coax the dogs on to the cart before securing the latch and transporting them upstairs when needed.

The old dogs adapted to it so quickly that it would never suffer from walking up and down again.




3.Man Grants Wife’s Wish to Choose Her View, Building Incredible 360-degree Rotating House
Ljubica Kusic, a woman who wished she could see more from her windows, didn’t expect her husband should take the idea into reality by building them a house that spins to suit her fancy.

Vojin, 72, without any professional knowledge, was able to use electric motors and the wheels of an old military transport vehicle to finish this DIY project on his own. He manged to tear down the wall between their two bedrooms to turn them into a living room and move all electrical installations so that Kusic can spin it as she please.

Now, whenever Ljubica wants to face the sun or see something different, she can rotate the house up to 360 degrees – or even go for a twirl in it if the mood strikes.



Regardless of the walking table, stairlift or rotating house, everyone, men or women, old or young could make it if he or she have affection on. So if you once have some creative ideas, why not give it a try? When you determined to do that, please prepare some necessary tools. As a motor company, we’d like to provide our high quality motors in your need:

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