7 Strong Marketing Trends For 2023

7 Strong Marketing Trends For 2023

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7 Strong Marketing Trends For 2023

Marketing spend is still low compared to the pre-pandemic period. But, the forecast is that the investment will increase in 2023

Among so many news and novelties that we are waiting for, I assure you that this is a fact and not a fake: investing more in marketing in 2023 will be essential for companies that want to increase brand visibility, conversion rates, trust and customer loyalty, and consequently business growth.

Even in the face of geopolitical and financial uncertainties, marketing had a percentage increase from 6.4% in 2021 to 9.5% in 2022 in relation to the amounts invested in the area. That's according to a Gartner survey of CMOs and marketing leaders around the world.

These numbers alert us to the fact that marketing spending is still low compared to the pre-pandemic period. But, with a focus on the budget and good strategies, that number will certainly increase next year.

For this, I present some trends for 2023 that we can also call tips.

Marketing trends to invest in 2023

1. Reward and incentive programs

From the customer's experience, whether internal or external, companies that recognize, encourage and reward their audiences, become increasingly captivating, passionate and reliable.

When customers are recognized and rewarded by the brand, either through awards or some kind of benefit, they tend to maintain a closer relationship and engage in spontaneous marketing. With this, the brand increases its capacity for loyalty and expands its network of ambassadors.

2. Data analysis

A Salesforce survey revealed that 78% of marketers admit that customer engagement is already data-driven, and 83% believe the ability to meet customer expectations relies on digital capabilities.

This shows us, not only all this maturation regarding the need to invest in marketing, but also the understanding that the results may not come in the short term but, when they do, it's for real and they present a significant ROI (return of investment).

It is important to remember that there is no formula, but there is great volatility when it comes to strategies. This means that that strategy that worked super well a few years ago, may not work now. That is, it is imperative that the marketing team is aware of current trends and is open to market news and new strategies. Check here for Descargar Videos De Pinterest

3. Social and environmental causes

If you're wondering what this has to do with marketing, just open up your social media. People are increasingly involved with social and environmental causes and attentive to humanized and relevant content for society and the environment.

Diversity, inclusion, sustainability and conscious consumption are some of the subjects that promote engagement in publications and campaigns. Even if people are not yet part of any cause, the desire to contribute is almost unanimous.

Marketing needs to be attentive and strong, knowing that there is great public expectation in relation to its most routine actions, for example, hiring people regardless of sexual orientation, age, where they live, which college they graduated from, and so on. After all, consumers are increasingly demanding and, therefore, ESG practices have become essential.

4. Gamification as a strategy

The fun customer experience is the focus of gamification marketing to attract and retain customers with graphic elements and designs. 72.5% of consumers are most attracted to brands that promote fun and reward in the customer experience.

A survey by Mordor Intelligente released by the G4Educação website revealed that the global gamification market will reach a compound annual growth rate (CAGR - Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 26.5% between 2022 and 2027. Companies that aim to create a culture of high performance, use gamification to encourage the engagement of sales teams and consequently the achievement of goals.

5. Humanization

Creating brands, projects, campaigns and content focused on the real needs of the people who make up your online audience is essential if you want to be part of a new marketing movement.

For a long time, marketing was frowned upon for adopting deceptive strategies to attract customers, although its original concept never suggested this. The contents were well elaborated, but did not contain truth and humanity.

I like to say that marketing is not just about brands, services, products or events. It's about human relationships.

Today, people already recognize humanized content, especially when it is kind and uses non-violent language.

Through articles, posts, videos, podcasts and even sharing from third parties, you can create humanized content organically, generate highly positive visibility for your brand and even scale your business.

6. Influencer Marketing

We are living in the era of collaboration and digital partnerships and that gap that existed between brands and consumers seems to be decreasing more and more. Also check Descargar videos de Facebook

Several brands have already awakened to the importance of influencer marketing and, therefore, invest in influencers and digital creators not only to publicize their products and services, but also to propagate their purpose and cultural values.

Also known as social proof, marketers use this tactic to reach new audiences, increase website traffic, brand reach and sales, through people considered influencers who promote brands to their own followers.

7. Digital communities

Digital community is a collaborative environment that connects people with common interests and values ​​and who are willing to build a welcoming space to evolve together.

Much more than individuals connected on social media, they are people engaged in a clear and transformative purpose.

In addition, it is a safe, interactive, dynamic space, with exchanges and in constant evolution, where people feel at ease and a fundamental part of the construction. A digital community will always be unfinished, as it is in its nature to grow and transform.

Digital communities are very interesting, passionate, challenging, thought-provoking, attractive, human, vibrant and powerful. They are the best marketing strategy to engage people and make a brand take off. They are also efficient in the process of humanizing marketing, inclusion and diversity.

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