Disadvantages of lenses Cornea Treatment | Bharti Eye Foundation

Disadvantages of lenses Cornea Treatment | Bharti Eye Foundation

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Contact lenses are thin, curved and plastic lens that are placed on the surface of the eye with the tip of the finger. Contact lenses are very easy to wear and these are the best way to correct and improve vision. Contact lenses are alternative form of eyeglasses. Even contact lenses are more comfortable than eyeglasses. Contact lens is a medical device prescribed by an ophthalmologist to correct the vision. Contact lenses are suitable for every season. You can conveniently perform some activities like playing outdoor games, driving and many other activities. Contact lenses don’t capture moisture. Contact lenses are also used for aesthetic purpose and they are available in different colors. But sometimes, wearing contact lenses prove to be harmful to your eyes if you wear them for long time.

Contact lenses are the ocular prosthetic devices kept on the surface of the eye directly. Contact lens is thin, curved clear plastic lens that is placed on the surface of the eye to get better vision. Contact lens is the alternate form of the eyeglasses. Contact lens moves with your eyes and provides you the natural view by correcting the refractive error. Most of the people prefer wearing contact lens. The contact lens is basically a prescribed medical device to improve the vision of your eyes. They can be used for medical and aesthetic purpose.The contact lens has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The disadvantages of contact lenses
Blockage of oxygen supply to the eyes
Dry eyes
Irritation in eyes when combined with specific medication specially birth control pills
Diminishing corneal reflex
Corneal abration
Conjunctiva or red eye
Ptosis or drooping eye
Corneal ulcer
Eye infection

Prevention of eyes from the side effects of contact lenses
You should not wear contact lens for long time; you must replace them as directed by your ophthalmologist.
Get your routine contact lens eye exam. Regular check up will assist your doctor to detect problems happening due to contact lens at early stage.

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