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Growing your Instagram following can feel impossible when your only followers are your Aunt Deb and uni mates. We’ve got 20 tips to take you from the bottom of the Insta pile to showing up in feeds everywhere. From optimising your profile to knowing your target audience, you’ll become an Instagram pro.

Firstly, let’s look at the technical aspect of your Instagram strategy. Along with creating useful and relevant content, these tips will help you make this visual platform start working for you.

Gain Real, Authentic Followers
Not every follow or like will benefit your brand. Fake followers can reduce the impact of your posts and deceive you into thinking your posts are doing well when they’re not.

Authentic followers are the ones who may turn into customers and brand ambassadors.

So, it’s important to watch your engagement metrics, not just your follower count. Keep an eye on your content interactions such as saves, likes, comments and replies to stories. These can be found under the insights tab.

Every Instagram account suffers from. There are some tools which allow you to check for fake followers such as the Fake Follower & Instagram Audience Credibility Checker.

The best way to increase authentic followers is to create helpful, interesting and shareable content.

Avoid Buying Followers or Joining Free Instagram Follower Groups
Although it’s tempting to buy followers or join a free follower group, it will only harm your Instagram strategy. You might get a significant increase in engagement but none of it will benefit your brand because they won’t be relevant to your offer. They won’t really care about what you’re posting.

Instagram is always on the lookout for any activity that may harm the platform. They pay attention to accounts that suddenly gain a large increase in followers and likes.

So, if 


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socialmeteor travel blog images

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