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All numbers used in Numerology include positive and negative characteristics that must be recognized. Although numbers have a positive and negative balance throughout your being, it is essential to know that they are influenced by many factors. This includes your perspective and also other numbers that correlate to your different aspects of life, such as business, health, and love.

Numbers, under Numerology, are not mathematical but astronomical and should not be confused. Numerological numbers are meanings of single or multiple planetary vibrations.
Astrology and Numerology are different sciences, but they work according to a common principle: the planets. Both sciences revolve around them and also constellations play an important role in Astrology. Get your free numerology report 2023 and discover the events that are coming ahead.

Numerology is a practice of the ancient Babylonians, of the Egyptians from 300 BC. C., of the Hebrew Kabala, the ancient Greeks and many other cultures of the distant past.
Although both Astrology and Numerology are ancient practices and once considered Science, Numerology disappeared from public view. It basically became unpopular and unknown, until about 100 years ago. Instead, Astrology has always been popular.

There are several types of Numerology and although currently the most popular is the one that comes from the "Modern" Variant, there are others such as "Chaldean's" and "Indians". They are all very different in various respects and are considered by most Numerologists today to be equally valid, though different.


Seeing repeated number patterns has long been associated with the Divine and both numerologists and intuitive have come to understand its meaning.

I believe in angels, that we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience and that we are one with the Universe.

This belief comes together with the assurance that we all have the company of the energy of the Universe and a being full of light, whose sole purpose is to offer us daily guidance, protection and support and that leaves for us a series of signs and symbols wherever we go. let's go.


In general, their message always includes basic signals so that we understand that they are with us, offering us their love and guidance in a way that does not seek to scare or intimidate us.

If you relax, be mindful and open-hearted, you will begin to receive knowledge and guidance.

So when you perceive sequences of numbers or other signals, you must pay attention to what you are doing and what is happening around you.


Numerology is the idea that the universe is a system and, once broken down, leaves us with the basic elements, which are numbers. These numbers can be used to help us better understand the world and ourselves as individuals.

Usually seeing these number sequences repeatedly is a message that we are in sync with the Universe and that its energy wants to provide us with some kind of intuitive guidance or support from our spirit guides.


Numerology has been used for thousands of years to decipher universal messages and, in simple terms, it is defined as the study of numbers in a person's life and is used to try to solve the deep doubts that we all have.

Numerology can inspire people to completely change direction and start a better life, showing them what their barriers are and giving them direction based on their position in the Universe.

Through various methods and from the foundation that "everything that exists depends on numbers", we could take the elements of a person answering questions and solving deep and powerful feelings that many find it difficult to understand.


Numbers have their own specific and unique vibration and from these numerologists have been able to determine what message the Universe may be trying to communicate to you based on the number sequences you are seeing.

When you see three numbers in a row, like 222, this is a powerful sign that you are aligned with the Universe and that you co-create in mind, body and spirit. In Numerology, the number 3 is associated with the vibration of creation and is a powerful place of manifestation and abundance.


According to this science, our date of birth, name and many other factors that surround us affect us directly and through them, we could obtain a lot of information about ourselves.

To get there, the first thing we must accept is that, although each number or letter has its own personality and specific attributes, recognizing and understanding the actions and attitudes of each of them within a particular environment can be very difficult, but not impossible.

To get there, the first thing we must accept is that, although each number or letter has its own personality and specific attributes, recognizing and understanding the actions and attitudes of each of them within a particular environment can be very difficult, but not impossible.

Just as human beings act very differently according to each situation, numbers do the same and therefore it is important not only to become familiar with their attributes as they appear in the table, but also to always take into account their differences, however subtle they may seem to us.


According to the table, number 1 is aggressive, competitive, masculine and goal-oriented, while number 2 stands out for its kindness, sensitivity, subtlety, and femininity.

Therefore, if someone acts in a strong and assertive way, we could conclude that 1 is the dominant number on his graph, while that person who acts tactfully and tries to keep the peace, shows signs of being influenced by the number 2.

But we must be very careful and not be blunt in our conclusions, because due to its characteristic stiffness, number 1 could break under high pressure, while number 2, being more flexible, probably recovers much faster when pressure end, showing survival within her feminine characteristics.

It is also important that we understand that Numerology is not divination and cannot inform you about your future, but it can inform you about your possibilities, as well as your strengths and weaknesses.

For example, if you have a Life Path Number of 1 you are a born leader, but it does not mean that you are a great leader today, but rather that you have the characteristics (whether you know it or not) to become one.


Numerology is really a fascinating world, from which you will get many answers and great satisfactions, but as we emphasized at the beginning, it is very important that you take into account that it will take some time, before anyone who starts in the study of this science, achieves to gain a deep understanding that allows you to recognize the true meaning of a number by observing its behavior.

In Numerology, the small differences will be what will help you to familiarize yourself with the numbers and finally to understand them.

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rita104541 travel blog images

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