How Connaught Place escorts use blowjobs as a secret weapon

How Connaught Place escorts use blowjobs as a secret weapon

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Hi. I am Savita, a young 26-year-old girl working as an escort in Delhi. I have chosen Connaught Place, also called Rajiv Gandhi Chowk, as my area of operation. It is a financial hub of the capital where you will find lots of offices, restaurants, cafes, and shopping malls. Connaught Place is frequented by thousands of tourists daily. In such a scenario, it is only natural for the escort industry to flourish in Connaught Place. One weapon in my armory to keep my clients in check is a blowjob. Like me, many escorts in Connaught Place use blowjobs to satisfy the whims of their clients. 

Connaught Place escorts blowjob is erotic and full of pleasures

It is the dream of every man to be sucked by a beautiful woman. In Indian society, oral sex is taboo and most women regard it as dirty and against their religion. As such, men are not able to live their fantasies. As a Connaught Place escort, I take full advantage of this situation. I move my tongue in a professional manner to bring heavenly pleasures to my clients. It is a dream come true for most of my clients. They become mesmerized by my skills and remain happy and satisfied. You can’t imagine the facial expressions of my clients as I give a blow job to them. For most of them, it is even better than actual intercourse.

How a blow job allows me to take control of the situation

As a Connaught Place escorts, I come across men who are thirsty for sex. They are in so much hurry that they cannot control themselves even for a few minutes. For such men, my blow job comes in handy. I take the initiative before they can jump up on me and indulge in intercourse. I know that most men last for only a few minutes and after that, they have no interest in me. But when I begin with my act, clients start to moan in ecstasy. The act of a blow job brings heavenly pleasures to them. They forget about intercourse and want me to continue for a long time. As an experienced Jaipur escort, I know that my client can burst into an explosive orgasm if I continue at the same speed and also apply pressure with my hands and tongue. I slow down to make sure my clients can enjoy the experience for as long as they want.

Foreigners love blow jobs from Connaught Place escort

As I mentioned earlier, Jaipur is visited by a large number of foreigners. Blowjobs are common in foreign countries but they are not expecting such a fine experience from a beautiful woman in India. This is the reason why I have become such a popular Connaught Place escort in such a short time. Foreigners are more interested in playing erotic games and enjoying oral sex than the act of intercourse.

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I have mastered the art of blowjobs to keep my clients happy and satisfied with my performance as a Connaught Place escort.
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