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When we first started TRAVEL WITH US Project, we could never have imagined how this project would grow to take us on adventures around the country and continue of introducing to exciting new opportunities and endeavors. It’s been over one years since we first published our first work and we’ve learned a lot along the way.

Before we began this project, traveling was very personal and experienced for us. We would go on trips to escape the monotony of our routine life, regain perspective and grow as a person by discovering new places, people and cultures.

When we began creating TRAVEL WITH US Project, we noticed how that relationship with our traveling has shifted. It was a subtle change at first but soon we had stopped traveling for ourselves. Freelance traveling, filming and gathering photo stuff, took all the time and energy we had. Every once in a while, we’ll turn to our camera to create with its frames some love and for the most part our musings will live on this website, created with an audience in mind.

There was a time where we thought travel filming would be our main focus but the truth is, that if you want any chance at turning a desired project of traveling into a career, then you have to do a lot more than just travel. Managing to the project TRAVEL WITH US is like to managing a big company; We’re our own filmmakers and own photographers. Our own public relations team, our own managers, our own financial advisors, freelance social media coordinators, advertisers, etc. This is the way how we started and processing personifying our dream. This isn’t to say that we don’t enjoy traveling these days – in fact, we feel extremely lucky of being travelers who are tasked with sharing the world with our audience.

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Travel With Us travel blog

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Travel With Us October 9th, 2017

Littlemissdreamcatcher Thanks for your comment. I'm glad to hear this. I'll tell you one! never give up and follow your dreams. This will lead you to the success! I'll check and tell you my opinion
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Littlemissdreamcatcher October 8th, 2017

I'm so envious of your journey becoming a dream! I'm trying to get more publicity on my new blog so that I too can follow in the footsteps of living the travel dream!!! If you could check it out and give me a hand, leave a comment, share or subscribe I'd be super appreciative!!! Thank you x x x

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