The Tour du Mont Blanc Trekking Beginner's Guide

 The Tour du Mont Blanc Trekking Beginner's Guide

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Trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc route can be an excellent experience. If you haven’t been on this trail before, you might be looking forward to trying it. However, what to expect might not be clear to you as a beginner.

This guide brings together what you need to know during the Mont Blanc hiking tour. By the end of this article, you will be well-equipped to begin your Tour du Mont Blanc hike. Read till the end. 

A Guide To The Hiking Route

The first thing everyone wants to know before they hike any trail is what the hiking route looks like. That’s where we will start.

The Tour du Mont Blanc route, in essence, circumnavigates Mont Blanc. It is about 170km long and goes through Switzerland, France, and Italy. There’s so much to see when hiking this route. This includes everything from alpine experiences to great views.

The Mont Blanc hiking trail can be quite long. This means, covering it within a day will not be possible. Most people require between 7 and 11 days to hike it. It is worth noting that this trail is mostly hiked counterclockwise, though you are free to do it the other way.

Background of the Tour du Mont Blanc

The Tour du Mont Blanc has a history that you need to learn about. This route became known to the public in the 1700s. Previously, it was used by shepherds to drive their cattle home.

Before it was made public, Swiss geologist Horace-Bénédict de Saussure was the first to walk it. He was looking for the best route to climb Mont Blanc. But then he ended up going around the entire circumference, and as a result, he ended up discovering the trail.

Saussure made several such trips but ended up failing in his search for the best route. He then offered to reward anyone who’d succeed in finding the route to the summit. But then, the people sent on this mission ended up circumnavigating the entire trail like the founder.

That’s how the Tour du Mont Blanc trail came to be discovered. And, this trek has since become popular around the world. 

The Tour du Mont Blanc is now one of the must-visit treks for hikers all around the world. Experienced walkers can carry out self-guided treks on this route. As for beginners and families, try communicating with Tour du Mont Blanc tour companies on how to design your trek safely around this range. Remember that this trail requires a certain level of fitness for a comfortable trekking experience. Make sure you equip yourself with all the necessary information before starting your hike.

Where Does This Route Begin and End?

This trail starts and ends in Chamonix, a town located in the French Alps; the hub of adventure sports.

Many people refer to Chamonix as the adventure capital of the world. You can start hiking this route either clockwise or anticlockwise. You won't be alone when hiking this trail. There are thousands of visitors who hike it every year, especially during the summer.

Follow the rest of the adventure seekers if you are hiking this trail for the first time. But you can also consider having a Tour du Mont Blanc map or hiring a Tour du Mont Blanc guide. 

It is vital to understand how difficult this trail is. Also, you need to know the kind of gear you need to successfully hike the Tour du Mont Blanc trail.

Is The Tour du Mont Blanc Difficult To Complete?

Image Source: Unsplash

The Tour du Mont Blanc trail could be the hardest to hike if you are not prepared adequately. The difficulty you might face will depend on a wide range of factors. For instance, it might depend on how fit you are. In short, the amount of preparation you have made determines the difficulty level.

The good news, however, is that you can hike this route as long as you are in pretty good shape. Also, you do not need any prior hiking experience to hike this trail successfully. During the days you will be walking this trail, you will hike anywhere from 10 to 30 kilometers daily.

There should be several days of preparation before hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc. Take time to build your physical fitness and ensure you have enough energy to hike the entire stretch. That will make it easy to have a great experience and not get fatigued easily.

What Gear Do You Need to Hike This Trail?
Ensure that you carry all the gear you need when hiking this trail. But then, what’s worth carrying with you might not be clear at first. Failing to carry all that you need for your hike might affect the experience once you start hiking the trail.

Some of the most important things you must carry are as below.

1.Get a comfortable backpack loaded with the right essentials and suitable food options so that it serves the purpose while not becoming too heavy to carry.
2.Invest in a pair of walking poles, which will make it easier to climb the elevations along this route.
3.Choose comfortable clothing and a pair of durable hiking shoes. You can also carry warm and waterproof layers, especially when hiking in the winter. Such gear will be helpful in case the weather changes unexpectedly.
4.You might need a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun or debris. 
5.Ensure that you have a water bottle to enable you to carry some water for dehydration while hiking the Mont Blanc.

What Are Some of the Highlights Along This Route?

Knowing what you might see and where exactly it is located along the Tour du Mont-Blanc route will help greatly.

This incredibly immersive track offers lots of highlights. You can choose the best of them to experience on your first walk. However, there are also general highlights that you will see along the way. 

 1.One of them is an alpine field where cows graze every other day.
 2.You will cross wobbly suspension bridges as you hike this trail. 
 3.There could be roaring torrents, plus you will experience steep cliffs that you will be climbing. 
 4.Last but not least, you will enjoy some great panoramic alpine views.

 Those are just examples of the highlights that you can expect while hiking this route. There’s a lot more that you can see while hiking this trail.

Options for Lodging on the Tour du Mont Blanc

Accommodation are worth considering when going on an adventure trip. Before hiking this trail, ask yourself what accommodation options are available for you. The options available on this trail are varied, and they range from regular to luxurious.

1.There are cozy mountain huts that are among the most popular accommodation options.
2.You can consider dormitories that you can share with other trackers. Many people prefer this option because it is affordable and allows them to mingle and interact with other trackers.
3.You can also find a private room for your stay. But then, private rooms can be expensive, meaning that you need to consider your budget before settling on them. 

Make a choice based on what you prefer most between staying alone or with other trekkers.

Safety Measures for Trekking In The Alps

Besides preparing for the trek, you also need to invest in your safety. There are various safety measures that you need to implement if you are looking to trek this route. One of the most important things to do to stay safe is to ensure that you are fit enough for the task ahead.

Being reasonably fit and having enough walking experience will help you trek the Tour du Mont Blanc effortlessly. However, you shouldn’t worry about your ability to handle some difficult ascents and descents. There are cable cars and chair-lifts that can help you get past them.

It also helps to trek the Tour du Mont Blanc anticlockwise. Going anticlockwise makes it easier to mark the way and make the best of your trek.

Also, going anticlockwise makes the trek more bearable. You will find it easy to climb the ascents along this route if you go anticlockwise. The clockwise direction has more ascents and descents. If you are a beginner or trekking with your family, the ascents can be too difficult to climb if you are going in a clockwise direction.

This article has explored all you need to know about the Tour du Mont Blanc trail. Getting started with hiking this route might seem daunting. However, it gets easier when you know what to expect and what you should carry while trekking this trail.

Now you know what to carry with you as you get ready to hike this trail. Besides, you know some of the highlights that you can expect on this trail. Last but not least, we have explored accommodations on the Tour du Mont Blanc trek, and now you’re up to speed with what to expect.

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