Solo Traveller: For Beginners

Solo Traveller: For Beginners

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Travelling is a adventourous activity that everyones love. This is the wonderful feeling that might remain until the end, where you can go other place that is totally stranger to you. For some traveller they want to travell with friends. we cant deny the fact that travelling with your friends is a truly magnificient and amazing journey. It will strengthens the relationship, its because of experience and learning you've shared together during travel. the moments and memories you have shared is for keeps.  There are traveller also who travelled alone that is called Solo Traveller. This traveller is brave enough to travel with no companion, brave enough to experience things, learn new things and most especially you can learn to be  independent. but being a solo traveller has a perks also you can stop wherever you want, you can eat in fancy restaurants or cheap food chains. All the things you do is in your control. So i have some tips for those who wishto travel alone or wants to become a Solo Traveller;

1. Prepare Yourself

    Prepare yourself in a way that your in a proper mindset and your body is in a good condition. Prepare the things you will bring and also plan your trip details, ofcourse you should do some simple research about the place you want to visit like whats there culture, the landmarks, mode of transportations and most especially what kind of people living there. Its better to know some simple facts about the place to avoid circumtances during your travel.

2. Dont draw attention

Being Solo Traveller the most concern is the safety, without someone who can watch your back your more expose to criminals and scammers. Staying safe during travel is the most necessary thing to do. and by blending to people is one way to stay secure. First is act as if your living in that city or place dont look like your a tourist. Second be confident in everything you do and dont loose your guard. Third walk in public places ( i mean walk in a place where it has many people) especially in the night. And the mos important thing please avoid wearing flashy or signature clothes, accessories and gadgets in order not to attract the attention of the people around you. 

3. Be friendly and enjoy their company

    As i observe when i travelled alone summer this year , the way to enjoy your trip and the main reasons or purpose why you travel alone is to meet new people, it either foreigner or not foreigner. Be approachable enough  because you'll meet people from time to time, you can see your differences ages, attitudes and culture as well. Its okay to hangout with them but do not trust them. im not saying that they are not safe but just be wise, trust yourself and trust no one. Just enjoy their company, go with the flow and talk comfortable to the person you've meet.  


    I'll assure you that you have a wondeful experience and learning with you. You will be proud of yourself that you're brave enough to travel alone in a place where you're totally stranger and you go home safe and sound. you could also tell to yourself that your living the best time of your life. the most important thing you can have time to know yourself more.

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hannabustillo travel blog images

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