The Macau Experience and bit history

The Macau Experience and bit history

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In 1557 the Portuguese took over Macau, making it the first European colony in East Asia. Called "A Ma Gao" by the Chinese (in honor of the patron goddess of sailors, A-Ma), its name was adapted to "Macau" by the Portuguese. ... In addition to international trade, Macau became an outpost for western religions.

For reference, its namesake, the Venetian in Las Vegas has a casino floor of 120,000 square feet, making it the second-largest casino in the world. This just shows how big the Venetian Macau really is.

But while the sizes are different, the Venetian Macau is a complete replica 파워볼게임 of the Las Vegas property, from the gondolas to the tiniest details. Visitors can pose in St Mark’s Square and take in all the glorious entertainment on offer.

But even so, Macau tailors the gambling experience towards a more homegrown market rather than giving into Western culture.

For example, they have brought in specialist feng shui consultants to create the perfect layout, while players can enjoy complimentary tea instead of beer and alcohol.

The game of choice is not poker, nor is it blackjack or roulette. In Macau, baccarat takes centre stage. In 2008, baccarat was responsible for 85% of all revenues in Macau’s casinos.

But above all else, the biggest difference between Macau and Las Vegas is the people. Players check their hold cards with intensity, unlike Las Vegas where you’ll find a lot of laid back peeking.

While the rustling of chips can be heard from every corner of the properties, it’s more likely to be interrupted by a sudden thud of a table rather than a cheer or groan at a bad beat. Gambling in Macau is serious stuff.

This goes a long way to understanding why a culture built on saving is so invested in gambling. While Westerners see gambling as leisure, Chinese players view it as a financial opportunity.

In their eyes, they are taking risks to help them make more money. In an environment surrounded by wealth, this makes a lot of sense.

The Chinese are also very superstitious. They believe that they have good luck that can translate to fortunate wins on their behalf at the tables.

Combine this with their notion that they can control the outcome of a game and the result is something that looks like an investment.

The casino floor sees average people gambling hundreds of dollars in just a couple of hands.

But the main action can be found in the VIP rooms, which, as has already been mentioned a few times already, where the high rollers live.

Casinos offer luxury perks in return for gambling at their establishment, such as penthouse suites fitted with state-of-the-art Jacuzzis and private jet rides into the region.

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bettecallatteeffi2 travel blog images

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