Best Time to Visit Aswan

Best Time to Visit Aswan

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Aswan is one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt. This city has been the number one tourist site of many tourists over the decades. The city has many great sites, restaurants, hotels, and more. You need to book Aswan Egypt tours to see the best parts of the city. One of the most amazing things you will enjoy in Aswan is the beauty of the Nubian culture. The beautiful setting of the Nile is also there waiting for you, and the people of Aswan are welcoming.

However, while it is known to be one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt, it is also the sunniest southern city in the country. Aswan can be extremely hot during the summer, with temperatures ranging from 38 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius. Hence, what is the best time to visit Aswan?

When Is the Best Time to Visit Aswan
The best time to visit this great city is during the winter season. Many people do visit Aswan during the summer, but that is the hottest period to visit this city. Aswan welcomes more visitors during the winter, as the weather is more friendly and welcoming then.

The weather in Aswan is revitalizing and relaxing during the winter, which is why many people love to spend their vacation in this beautiful city. Winter is the best time to visit Aswan but summer also has its fun. Summer is a great time for those who love swimming. If you are with a group of swimmers, you can book an Aswan Egypt tour to visit the best sites where you can take a dive.

Different Seasons in Aswan and Their Experiences

1- Winter Season

The winter season in Aswan is usually from December to February. This is the best and coolest season to visit Aswan because of the calm and friendly weather conditions. All tourists enjoy the weather in Aswan this season, and you can visit almost everywhere and have fun. Booking your Aswan Egypt tours this season will make you enjoy your money to the fullest.

This high temperature this season is usually between 22.6 degrees Celsius and 28.5 degrees Celsius. This is also the busiest season for visitors in this city. You will hardly experience any rain this period, which means you can move around with ease and without any bad weather to restrict you.

2- Spring Season

The spring season is usually from March to May. This season tends to be warm, with temperatures ranging from 28 to 42 degrees Celsius. The later months are even warmer. During this season, you will not experience any downpour, which means no rain to restrict your excursions. However, this time is a bit slow for tourism in the city due to the high heat.

3- Summer Season

The summer season is from June to August. This is the middle of the year, and it can be very hot in Aswan city. The tourism activities this period is very low compared to other seasons of the year. During this season, tour events, lodging, and accommodations are very cheap compared to other seasons of the year.

4- Autumn Season

The autumn season is often from September to November. During this period, the weather is beginning to get comfortable. This period also records the second busiest tour activities during this year, thanks to the more comfortable and beautiful weather. Due to the high tourist activities this season, there is an increase in the prices of tours and accommodation.

In summary, the best time to visit Aswan is in the winter and autumn season. You can book your Aswan Egypt Tours these seasons to make the most out of your visit to Aswan.

Source: Egypt Trippers

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