Bantayan Island, Philippines

Bantayan Island, Philippines

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Travel to learn. To see new things. To discover the wander of earth.

Sometimes it's more than just the place. When I'm traveling, like everyone else, I got really excited and nervous. I wanted it to be fun. Worthwhile. I went with my friend last January of this year to this Island in far North of Cebu. We travel by land and water. It took most of our day since we dont exactly know where are heading. 
We've known this island from a movie called Camp Sawi. A local indepent film showing a group of stranger fixing their broken hearts. I cant qoute you the exact location cause I'm sure you can easily google it. All I know is Bantayan Island,It's in Cebu. 

I was in that part of my life where I know that I'm getting older and still feels like I'm not going anywhere. I can travel anywhere. I'm picky in places to sleep or food to eat. Sometimes it feels like I was born to travel. 

The place was great. White sand, clear water and salty air. Just what I need. I needed that time in my life to breath heavily,pause and think blankly. Shout and get drunk. Wake up late and eat all the carbs I can consume. I was a hppy bum life and expensive.

Then I realized that people needs to sea oher places, meet new people, experience being different to know something, maybe just a little part of themselves. 

Why I travel? It's just simply because I wanted to.


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MissB.Agojo travel blog images

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