Keep Travelling and Continue Loving

Keep Travelling and Continue Loving

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Like reading, travelling is my life. Until I found the person whom I didn't expect I'll be travelling with. Let me begin my story in this travel blog with our story. We both love travelling and we were blessed to find a group who travels with a cause and it's BEMMC (Bicol Elite Mix Moto Club). We started travelling last May 2017. That was our first ride with the group. Thanks to my brother who invited us to join the team. Actually, I am only a loyal back ride, but who cares? I love it and I am enjoying it. This group made our relationship stronger and both of us love to have a ride with them. With them we were not only riding or travelling, we were also into helping others. It is what we really love to do. We've reached different places to extend helping hands and of course to relax ourselves as well. Only four months and I feel like life without them would be really a boredom. Sometimes, it is not really where you go. Most of the time it is whom you travel with. Once you travel, make sure to travel with people that you love. In that way, you're not only doing what you love, but you're also doing what makes you happy - and that is travelling and helping people. So keep riding and keep travelling with a purpose. Once you love what you're doing, you'll look for more and find yourself just loving it. To have a good and smooth flowing relationship while you're doing what makes you happy is to keep travelling and continue loving.

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Anj travel blog images

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