Rheinfall connection

Rheinfall connection

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Just a few blocks away from the Termini in Rome, Italy-the city's central station maybe about under a 10-minute walk our bus waited for all the passengers on a night trip going to Zurich, Switzerland.
We get past the busy termini full of traveling folks with anxious faces queuing and rushing to get tickets for their destinations.

"The bus leaves at 6:00 in the evening sharp with or without you" our travel agent told us five days earlier, or you will miss the exciting bus ride and the splendid scenery at the break of dawn while traversing the Italy-Swiss border. Make sure your cameras and phones are fully charged, she reminded us one more time.

There is nothing much to talk about the night trip except of course for a few interruptions for a layover at some restaurants and convenience stores.
But at exactly five the morning when the sun started to shine there it was, the majestic Swiss mountaintops when the bus continued its run towards Zurich proper most probably will remain forever embedded in my memory.

Right away I got my camera and snapped a lot of this wonderful moment when the other passengers urged the busdriver to make it slower for them to capture excellent images. Obviously I was not complaining for the slower pace of the trip even for an hour or so.

The lakes on both sides of the road is just totally amazing, the expanse and absence of rain and the winds makes the view more awe-inspiring.

This was then the first taste of Switzerland.

Our official next stop is the massive Rheinfall river. This is by far the biggest river I've seen my whole life.

With cameras rolling, selfies ongoing for all the tourists near the riverbanks' rails, I noticed rainbows appear just in the middle  from where we stand just a few feet away.

One can't help but wonder where is the source of these enormous waters come rushing down and triggering a tremendous collision on the rocks below giving us the opportunity to connect back to mother nature.

There were several spots along the river that offer visitors to take wonderful selfies with the river as background. You can climb all the way for a top view or you can go lower and closer to the edge hearing the rumbling sounds when you try to get nearer.
Rheinfall river is now part of my checklist for a return visit sometime in the future, perhaps a possible boat ride right in the most turbulent part of the waters is a dream.

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Mcpelly travel blog images

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