Fearless paintball jogger pants

Fearless paintball jogger pants

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Fearless paintball pants will keep you agile and comfortable while bunkering in the snake! Designed to be played in, but also great for lounging and flying to your next event!these pants feature a lightweight design with a jogger-style fit.

Fearless paintball jogger pants will keep you agile and comfortable while bunkering in the snake! Designed to be played in, but also great for lounging and flying to your next event! These pants feature a lightweight design with a jogger-style fit.

·         An elastic waistband is held in place with a drawstring.

·         Reinforced knees for sliding

·         Zipper front pockets

·         Rear pockets

·         Swab pockets on each leg.

·         Elastic ankles

Simply the best pant option for quality on a budget, the grind series of paintball pants are super lightweight, flexible, and sleek.

The grind pant weighs about 1 pound and is ideal for players who wear padded protection and want a free-flow pant to protect from the elements.

Well-built with reinforced slide panels for durability and perfectly vented for discharging heat away from your body, this pant is an excellent choice for all levels of paintball players.

Hit the field with a fresh, modern pair of paintball jogger pants! We have the most stylish cut, best materials, killer look, and much more!

We have the only pants on the market with a fully printed surface, including the knee area!
Lightweight and comfortable, the valken fate exo jogger paintball pants feature an athletic style and plenty of features at a great price! From the elastic ankle cuffs and lightweight polyester construction to the rugged, double-layer knees and adjustable waistband, valken fate exo jogger pants are designed to be simple and durable rather than heavy, hot, and bulky—ideal for serious tournament paintball competitors who need to be able to move. These paintball pants also feature squeegee/swab pockets and front slash pockets.

A new, modern jogger style cut that guarantees both comfort and style.

90% of the pants' surface is elastic, so it feels like you are playing in sweatpants—no constriction, just freedom of movement paintball hoppers.

Two pockets and two extra ones just for the swabs are more than enough for the paintball field.

Wide silicone waistband to keep your pants in place while you are moving all over the field.
Waistband with the inside drawstring for perfect adjustment.

Rubber bands at the ends of your legs to keep your pants from rising up unnecessarily.

On the side, we added a special stripe for your text messages or logos to ensure that they are always clear and readable.

When first released, the grit pants set the industry standard for a light-weight, high-performance paintball pant. Now, after years of testing and listening to top-level player feedback, we’re excited to introduce the grit v4 pants.

Designed with the tournament player in mind, we took a tried and true design and tweaked it for the modern game—adding even more function to an already perfected form for the highest levels of tournament paintball.

With features that you’ve come to expect from the grit pant, such as double stitching, an adjustable waist, beefy zippers, dual barrel swab holsters, adjustable ankles, and a free-flow calf, the grit v4 pant comes new with lighter yet stronger fabric, a slimmer athletic cut, a brand-new flex adjustable waistband, and a flexible lower back zone to keep you unrestricted and focused on the most important thing:

Moving on the field. Each pair comes with a complimentary, heavy-duty, multipurpose drawstring carry bag for you to use for everything from storing your dirty cleats to carrying some extra pods.

Low shooting accuracy and the range of your marker give you nothing but a big title as a loser in a speedball paintball game. Taking care of sensitive guns part during the game is also a hassle. If you are losing speedball games frequently, then it’s time to switch to the speedball package. Speedball is a fast-moving game that requires a speedy, consistent, and accurate marker.

There is no shin padding.
Rockstar energy grit v3 custom paintball pants

If you need specific waist and inseam sizing that does not fit within our size chart, please indicate them below in inches. There is an additional fee for this option.

Lightweight: the mantra "speed kills" is a reality. We have taken every step to make sure it rings true for you without sacrificing durability.

Breathable venting: "swamp butt" is a real thing; adding venting in key locations, such as the crotch and lower leg area, allows us to keep you cool and, subsequently, on the field longer.

Upgraded zippers: we’ve spared no expense with our new zippers. Zippered pockets and the fly are water-proofed to protect what’s inside.

Padding: light padding has been added in the right places (shin/knee area, crotch, lower back) to protect you with the right amount of padding without bogging you down shop paintball marker.

Back pockets:
We’ve also added a back pocket for valuable items. The back pocket has a water-proof zipper enclosure for easy access.

Adjustable waist:
While not one size fits all, the adjustable waist allows players to tighten and loosen the pants, keeping them secure on the field and easy to remove off the field. You can also use a belt with the additional belt loops oue all product you can buy East coast paintball.

Flexible knees:
When designing products, grit asks the question, "what does a player need?" naturally, this led to the inclusion of a more flexible knee, allowing you to execute the move without thought or lack of comfort.

Adjustable ankles:
Grit realises that every player is different in how they want their pants to feel, which led us to include adjustable ankles. Keep the mud out or let the breeze in—the choice is yours.

Two squeegee pockets: top-level paintball players are required to be able to shoot with both hands, and now their favourite squeegee can be located on either side. Keep your gun up—a squeegee is always at the ready with these pants.

Dual stitching:
Durability was a major concern when designing these pants. Because of that, we added another layer of stitching to make sure that you can’t push our product, but that our product can push you.




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