Lost in OZ

Lost in OZ

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Australia is such a beautifull place but ........................

I'm  writing this blog about my time in Australia as I know others can relate to this but didnt realise this at the time thought it was just me until i actually spoke to other travellers who felt the same.

When I say lost? I don't mean taking the wrong turning or getting of at the wrong station or not being able to find your way, I mean lost like you hit a brick wall but don't know why?. If this is you continue reading.

Australia is one of the most beautiful places and best place to work and live as the work life is so laid back and pay is great but I struggled and I can't say why i was lost like I didn't know we're my life was going and found my time very hard even though I'm from the UK and survived in Asian countries, if this is you your not alone.

I lost me I didn't know who I was anymore maybe I was overwhelmed I don't know or maybe it was the wrong time for me. I felt like the asy day to day things should be easy but it wasnt like that i felt everything was a struggle and hard to adapt.

I did find a happy place and that was Sydney it felt like home and surprisingly I preferred it to Queensland which for many travellers it is the opposite, the thing with Sydney there is so much to see and do and to be honest you can see a lot of Australia in Sydney so if your short for time and fancy a Oz trip I would recommend New South Wales you can drink wine at the famous hunter valley winery, see koalas and kangaroos, many hikes beaches and coastal walks honestly the list is never ending. Different parts of Australia has so much to offer different travellers and se much to see and do.

Traveling is great as it broadens your mind and makes you independent but sometimes to much time on your own can make you lost, really just wanted to post this to let people know they are not alone if you feel like this keep going don't give up it's not forever eventually you find yourself but you just have to ride the waves first and in oz there's lots of waves to ride.

Please remeber it takles a few attempts to learn to surf, you will fall off at first but just keep getting back up each time and trying again till you get it.

Overal Australia was amazing and no regrets I traveled the east coast, so any one wanting any tips please send me a message.

One day I will return to tick Western Australia of my bucket list 😊

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Jet Set Brunette travel blog images

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travel blog

BSmyth October 5th, 2017

@Jet Set Brunette Absolutely, it was fun to read! Nope, I'm currently living in Charlotte N,C but I do miss it :)
travel blog

Jet Set Brunette October 5th, 2017

BSmyth, thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. Its nice to know people can relate to it and yes I found it hard to adapt. Do you still live there.
travel blog

BSmyth September 26th, 2017

I felt the same way but my feelings came from living in Sydney and having a hard time adjusting after moving there when I was younger.

Glad I'm not the only one! :)

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