Morning Boat Ride

Morning Boat Ride

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If there’s one “must-do” experience in the ancient city of Varanasi, it’d have to be a Varanasi Ganges River boat trip for sunrise.
Varanasi is arguably one of the world’s most fascinating destinations. According to some sources, this ancient, holy city is said to be more than 5000 years old. If true, this would mean it is the oldest city on earth!

However, what draws both Hindu pilgrims and international tourists to the city en masse are the famous Varanasi Ghats on the Ganges River. These are are the holiest cremation sites for Hindus in India. Best estimates indicate that about 100 000 people’s ashes are cast down the Ganges here every year.

To truly experience the beauty, wonder, and power of the ghats and the holy Ganges River, I’d highly recommend not skipping a Varanasi morning river boat ride. In this guide, I’ll quickly detail everything that you need to know about booking a boat, what to expect, where to go, and a few tips on making the Ganges sunrise boat ride an enjoyable experience. “Varanasi Ganges sunrise boat tour” would just be a quick row out to a “burning Ghat,”

A boat ride on the river Ganges gives a unique experience in Varanasi. Your tourist guide will take you to Dasashmedh Ghat(main Ghat) before Sunrise where first of all you will see the morning activities like pilgrims are taking holy bath and offering flower with a candle in the river Ganges. After you will take a private rowing boat and you will do one-hour boat ride between Manikarnika ghat to Harischandra ghat. During the boat ride, you will see a beautiful Sunrise, some palaces situated.

After Boatride have a little walk of the old Varanasi.You will visit the local alleys and also visit the famous VISHWANATH  TEMPLE.

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