but this girlfriend is not a real person

but this girlfriend is not a real person

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It’s the lovely news on the day that caught my eye-fell in love with a sex doll?

Interviewee Xie Tianrong has a "girlfriend", but this girlfriend is not a real person, but a realistic sex doll named Mochi. During the interview, he devoted all his attention to the doll, not only helped it to change its name, but also released photos of her affection from time to time, eating with the doll, watching movies, and playing video games. Those who are interested can read the news first. In the face of this phenomenon, some people think that "this is personal freedom," but others think that he is "morbid." Fall in love with a sex doll-what is it all about?

From an ethical point of view, can it be "morally" acceptable to fall in love with a sex doll?

When we consider whether a behavior is ethical, one of the conditions is that moral principles should be "appropriate everywhere." If everyone in the world falls in love with TPE Sex doll, is it acceptable in terms of "morality"? Or if your partner's hobby is to play with sex dolls, can you accept it?


Faced with these two questions, I believe most people's answer is no. First of all, if everyone in the world only loves sex dolls, but sex dolls are just dead objects and cannot reproduce the next generation male sex doll , which is obviously problematic from the perspective of overall human reproduction. On the other hand, love is exclusive, even if it is just a "doll"-anyone believes that they don't want their partner to love a sex doll more than themselves, right? It can be seen that "falling in love with a sex doll" does not seem to be able to pass the principle of putting it all over the world.

However, this is not the only way to say. If it is based on other doctrines, the answer may be completely opposite. For example, high individualism and liberals will usually distinguish between the "freedom principle" and the "do not harm others" principle. According to these two principles, "falling in love with a Silicone Love Doll " should be acceptable—because 1. This is personal freedom; 2. He did not harm others because of it. Since falling in love with a sex doll does not affect people, the behavior should be acceptable.

How about you? Looking at the article Silicone Love Doll , do you think you can accept it? What's the reason?

Falling in love with a sex doll: Talking about "controlling" desire from psychology. Is this a kind of "pathological psychology"?

Or many people will put the word "morbid" on his behavior. But let's think about it again-why do we think this is "morbid"? Everyone has their own hobbies, isn't this "love"? Why is there no problem when playing Figure, and there is a problem when playing with sex dolls?

I think there are two reasons for this. First, because the person concerned treats the teen sex doll "as an adult" and devotes the same amount of love as "love" to love "it", this "dead thing" is like the "perfect incarnation of love." Although we all desire love, most people fail to accept this kind of love that is "completely divorced from reality."

Second, it is because of the "complete control" behavior. Although "it" can't do anything, the advantage of "it" is that "you can control it completely." The complexity of human relationships lies in their "uncontrollability". Because we can't control the thoughts and actions of others, everyone should have experience of getting hurt when getting along with others. Interacting with "it" will not hurt, even if the feeling of "love with it" is illusory, in fact "it" does not love you, but it also satisfies the desire to "control" deep in the heart.

But can you really solve real problems by throwing yourself into the illusion to avoid harm teen sex doll ? The reality is so cruel, and getting along with people in reality will hurt sex doll torso . Controlling people with strong desires is also one of the distinguishing characteristics of psychopaths, so it cannot be said that they are "morbid" without any reason.

How about you? Do you think this is a "pathological" behavior? What's the reason?

The love that boys poured out reflects the sorrow of society

No matter how much you disagree with his behavior, we can't deny how much the boys love this doll in the film; I also appreciate the free and easy way of the interviewees who ignore the eyes of others and do their own way. But I think such a society is very sad-who in the society can be a true companion? Hong Kong is so big, boys can't find a better companion than a sex doll? How cruel is our society to be like this?

If you want to read more news about sex doll that you can click here.

In reality, how many people have never been so respected and cherished like this doll. Although I still respect his choice, I myself would rather spend time cherishing real people than pour this love on a dead thing.

The Chinese adult silicone doll company "Sexdolls" (sexdolls.com) takes "making the adult industry more inclusive" as its research and development concept, and launched a "transgender" robotic sex doll with a "detachable penis".

According to China's "Mirror", the new product launched by the "little sex doll" company is called "Little Devil", which is different from traditional sex dolls that only have female sexual organs. "Little Devil" has a "detachable penis." The penis can be disassembled and assembled according to preference.

If you are interested in sex dolls and want to know about sex dolls, you can click here to enter Wikipedia to learn more.

Customers can freely choose skin color, hair style, eye color and other appearances, even nail color, nipple size and color, or whether to have pubic hair and other details can be customized, but they are expensive.

A company spokesperson said, "We want to be a company that tolerates different black sex doll orientations and respects different genders. Therefore, we have developed a small magic scorpion and hope that the cartoon sex doll industry will become more and more inclusive." Seven of them said that they have received a lot of "Little Magic Scorpion" orders, the customer response is very enthusiastic.

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