Taipei 101

Taipei 101

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Not really my first travel, but definitely my first in Asia. Yes, I do live quite nearby but I haven't really been to any of our neighboring countries. So, what made us fly? Visa-free entry. Early this year, Taiwan declared visa-free entry to Filipinos to promote their country. Not a bad move 'cause I swear I saw posts from my friends on Facebook going to Taiwan every now and then since the announcement. Aside from that, different airline companies offer promo fares here and there. We booked our two-way flight for only around PHP 3,500 per person. For our accommodation, we booked thru Airbnb, cost is around PHP 4000 per person, for 9 days. So, we stayed there for a week, wandering here, there ad everywhere. Of course, we went to top tourist attractions such as the Taipei 101, Chiang Kai-shek memorial, Taipei zoo, different night markets, etc. Any trip wouldn't be complete without trying out some of their delicacies as the onion pancake, octopus takoyaki, bubble milk tea, and many more! Going to places isn't that much of a hassle because of their efficient train system. Fast, reliable and on time. Even during peak hours, the commute won't tire you out. And walking around the city was also fun as you can feel like you somewhat belong. The only problem was language barrier. Not everyone can speak English. And even if someone does, he/she only knows a little. So I suggest using apps like Google translate for communication. In line with it, purchase a local SIM, really helpful so you can stay connected anywhere you go. Just make sure you have sufficient IDs to show upon purchase. I think there are also WiFi hotspot devices that you could rent but I haven't seen any store for this even at the airport. Probably because we arrived very early in the morning so most shops were closed. Overall, it was a fun experience and definitely worth it. We'll come back again some time in the future, when I can already speak a little Chinese. -- More details about our trip will be posted on my blog:

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littlepenguinsteps travel blog images

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