The Beginning not yet the end...

The Beginning not yet the end...

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Photo: The Grand Palace, Bangkok Thailand.

I never did imagine myself travelling to different places.It is indeed extraordinary to experience different cultures which may impact the way how you see things.Taste new dishes and discover it to be so good that you find yourself watching cooking videos on youtube to try to imitate and master those dishes. Getting lost and finding your way back.Meeting different people along the way, who, in one way or another left a mark in your life. Discover new things about yourself, attitudes and personalities that can only unfold without the comforts of home. And of course sharing these moments with the people you love. 

Let me introduce you to my travel and life partner.

Photo: Rob @Chao Phraya Express station near Khao San Road, Bangkok Thailand.

His name is Rob and he has been travelling for almost 20 years. He is born and raised in the Netherlands.He loves Asia, specially Bangkok. He has been to Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam and Laos. I met him in the Philippines January of 2013. I have travelled by then to some places in the Philippines like Cebu, Manila and Tagaytay and also to Singapore. I must say it was a very good new year for me. Not only did i found the love of my life but also the person who would bring and show me places I didn't think I'd see.

We sometimes actually are travel misfits together Rob and I. Rob tavels with no sense of itinerary. He does not want to plan but mainly rely on what he feels like doing on that particular day. Stay longer in a place or hop in a bus to go to other place. Go visit some museums or just stay and relax in the hotel.I think he finds it more relaxing to not have a plan in mind and just go with the flow. I , on the other hand,likes to travel with a little bit of plan. When, Where and What always come to my mind. But at the end of the day, what is important is you enjoyed each other's company while exploring and experiencing things.

What are the reasons then that people travel?

To Explore

Many of us travel to explore and discover new things. We travel because we are curious on what lies beyond the comforts of our home. To traverse a region or a border either by air,land or sea just because we want to uncover the mystery beyond the sea and land that separates us from the rest of the world.

To Escape

Some of us travel to escape. We've been fed up with work and the life we are living and we just need a break, a space from the reality of being an adult. We travel because we want to avoid someone or something and just be free from them even for just a moment. To be able to find calmness amidst the storm that life brings us. To be able to breathe for some time. To be able to forget even for a day. To be able to find strength to face the world again.

To Experience

Many of us travel to experience different cultures. To experience what is it like to be in Korea from watching all those korean dramas and Kpop stars. To see the beautiful  cherry blossoms in Japan. To witness beautiful Chinese lanterns in the sky in Chiang Mai. To taste the best pho in Vietnam. To gaze the magnificent love of a man to a woman in Taj Mahal in India.
We travel because there are a lot of things we need to experience and see for ourselves. We hear and read all of those magnificent stories and we want to experience it first hand. We want to be able to smell, touch, see ,hear and taste it and not just read it from  the internet or hear it from friends who already been there. We want it to be our own experience, our own memory, our own story.

Fried Cricket in Pattaya

Life is always an adventure. Travelling is an adventure. Travel, Love and Live Life to the fullest..

The Misfits

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lesliesharmane travel blog images

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