The Advantages and Application of a Planetary Reducer

The Advantages and Application of a Planetary Reducer

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The Advantages and Application of a Planetary Reducer

Widely used in many industries and having strong practicability, the planetary reducer covers a wider range of applications. Today, let’s talk about the advantages and application industries of planetary reducers, so that everyone can better understand this product.

The Advantages of a Planetary Reducer

1. Improving the efficiency of operation

The planetary reducer can be used together with the servo motor to increase the torque. Therefore, increasing the speed of the servo motor doubles the power density of the entire servo system. It can well improve the operating efficiency of the entire mechanical equipment.

2. Increasing the output torque

In ordinary mechanical operation, if we want to increase the output torque of the servo motor, we have to choose a high-power servo motor, which is not only expensive, but also requires a relatively strong structure of the motor, so if we want to increase the torque, we can use a planetary reducer for its relative low price and satisfying effects.

3. High precision and heavy load

Planetary reducers can be used when high-precision positioning is required and need to load heavily. In some industries such as robotics, medical and military industries, it is commonly featured by the torque required by itself actually exceeding that of a servo motor. So this problem can be well solved by planetary gear reducer.

4.Small Size and Unique Structure

The planetary reducer has the characteristics and advantages of stable operation, low noise and large number of teeth, and its unique structure can also minimize vibration and noise.

The Application of a Planetary Reducer

Planetary reducers are widely used in many industries such as construction machinery, medical equipment, instrumentation, automobiles, construction machinery and other industries. It is also expected that the planetary reducers can make a great difference to more industries.

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