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The first time you travel alone to a different country is always scary and exciting. I, personally, experience anxiety attacks during my travels especially at immigration and customs interviews.I literally hear my heart beating as if it's gonna pop out of my chest. And having a Philippine passport does not make it easy. That is why it is always important to come prepared whenever you travel abroad.

The first time I travelled abroad, fortunately, I was not alone. I was with my little sister going to Singapore to visit our eldest sister who was working there as a nurse. But still it was scary, all possibilities of not being able to pass thru immigration scared the hell out of me.

Photo: Me and my lil sister (Sheena;by the way she's not too little anymore):On our flight to Singapore 2010

Here are the few things you should remember when travelling abroad: (specially when you're alone,based on my personal experience only)

Take the first step!!! This is of course the No.1 requirement for everyone when going abroad. Make sure to check the expiry date of your passport. Most of the countries require that your passport be valid for 6 months before the expiry date.I recommend to always have a copy of your passport, it may either be a photocopy, a photo or a scanned copy of your passport and email it to yourself and to someone you trust, in case of you losing it.



Countries require visas when you visit. Fortunately, having a Philippine passport allows us to visit most of the ASEAN coutries without applying for a visa. These countries grant us visa upon arrival and is usually good for 30 days. So before you travel, read information about the country you are visiting to ensure safe and hassle free trip.

Plane Tickets/Itinerary

Most of the time, if not always, when visiting a country as a tourist, the immigration officer will be looking for a round trip ticket back to your country of origin or a ticket to the next port of entry. Make sure the dates reflected in your ticket does not exceed the maximum number of days they allow you to stay.


Make sure that you have a valid, unexpired ID along with you. Check that your ID's information corresponds to your passport, visa and other documents.

Hotel bookings

Some of the immigration officers also ask for your hotel accomodation. This is I think to ensure that you won't be living on the streets :) and it is also a way to contact you in cases of emergency.All countries make you fill up an arrival form where you have to write the address and phone number of the hotel or house you will be  staying.

Travel insurance

This is also equally important and a must specially when you are travelling for a long period of time. Most of the countries in Europe also require a travel insurance when applying for a Schengen Visa (Tourist Visa).

Photos and emails

This is only applicable when you are going to meet someone in that country you are flying to. This is not mandatory, but based on my experience when I was going to Bangkok for the first time to meet Rob, the  Philippine immigration officer asked for photos of Rob and me together.So it was good that I came prepared.


Rob has been travelling his whole life. Sometimes he'd been to countries for number of times. But he always seem to  get a guide even when the information is usually already in the internet. I think this is because travel guides are basically more comprehensive, in depth and up to date on all new information you need for your travel, especially hotels, where to go, what to do, what to eat and even what not to do.And also you cannot see and visit all places in one go even if you want to. That is why travel guides help you plan your trip and suggest places you haven't been to. Guides are very helpful in making your journey as smooth,enjoyable and exciting as ever.


I have always been guilty of this. I usually pack too much of my clothes and it usually ends up not being used and only adds extra weight to my bag that I have to carry. I think when we are packing our things we usually think of our OOTD so we can post it on facebook and instagram,GUILTY me!!! But if you are like Rob and me who usually hops from one place to another, a heavy bag is not so nice. Carrying my backpack, hopping into a bus, walking back and forth looking for a hotel is never a comfortable experience. That is why mixing and matching outfits can be very important. In addition, you also do not have to buy all your toiletries ahead of time and just buy it upon arrival in your destination country.


Thanks to Mama Marijke (Rob's mom) we always have a list of contact information we need. Starting from emergency contacts, insurance contacts,email addresses, phone numbers and the like. Do not forget to have a copy of this in your email. Send a copy to a loved one too. This is one lesson I learned that is indeed important.


When we're planning our travel, I usually read blogs on what travellers usually recommend, list the dates of how many days we're gonna spend in a particular place, the places where I want to go.I also like to have an idea of what dishes to eat and what to do in a particular place. This will ensure that you cover the places you definitely want to go and things you want to do in a limited amount of time.
But if you are like Rob, if you're more adventurous, not having a plan at all is equally exciting and satisfying. Arriving in one place and having the feel of it, then deciding whether you want to stay longer or if you want to hop into a bus to go to another place is also exhilirating.
I think having each other and having different kinds of attitude towards travelling makes it more exciting for us. Meeting halfway and enjoying our stay is the most important thing at the end of the day.


Whether it may be financially, physically and emotionally. You should always prepare for your travels. Check your funds, update your credit cards ( use card that does not impose too much fees when used abroad), find out the weather of the country and prepare your outfits accordingly. Read the Do's and The Don't's of that country. Have vaccinations if necessary. I also usually prepare some Baht when going to Bangkok for the taxi.SO have some currencies from your destination country on hand.


This is the most important part of your journey. To always have fun even when you encounter some bumps along the way. 

Feel free to comment below on the things you prepare when you travel and maybe we can also apply it on our next travel...

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lesliesharmane travel blog images

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