Bakit Tayo Naglalakbay? (Why Do We Travel?)

Bakit Tayo Naglalakbay? (Why Do We Travel?)

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Minsan simple lang ang dahilan kung bakit tayo naglalakbay. Nagkataong bukas ang pinto, may sasakyang nakapara. Walang pasok, eskwela o upisina. May kaunting napag ipunan. Tumibok ang puso, at naghangad, maari ng kaunting pagtakas, maari ng munting pagkilala sa kapaligiran, sa ibang tao, at malamang, higit sa lahat, sa sarili.

Mayroong naglalakbay upang maghanap buhay, mayroon ding gumagayak upang magka buhay at magkasaysay ang mga ordinaryong araw na nakatila sa bahay, trabaho, at lipunan. Marami kaya sa atin ang naglalakbay upang ng sa pagbabalik, mas buo ang sarili, mas mahigpit ang yakap sa mga minamahal, mas malambot ang dama sa higaan, mas may tapang muli sa trabaho, at ang mga lutong bahay at sa carinderiang tabi tabi, ay tila ba mas malinamnam ng ating balikan?

Marami tayong maiisip na dahilan, isanlibot isa, at may dagdag pa, iba iba, at kung minsan, kung bakit nga ba, hindi pa rin natin alam, kahit na tapos na ang mga una nating hakbang. Marahil mararamdaman mo nalang kung bakit habang iyong minamasdan ang kapwa manlalakbay, sabay ng kanilang paghayo, sa pagsabay sa kanilang luha, tawa, mga naisin at pagtatagumpay sa ano mang balakid na masalubong.

Bakit nga ba? Sa iba, kung bakit kailangang maglakbay, sigurado na. Sa ilan, walang iba kundi ang pakiramdam ng pangungulilang di mo maintindihan. Minsan, habang nakatayo sa pintuan ng pagkakataon, mararamdaman mo na lang ang ihip ng hangin, ibinubulong ang iyong pangalan, at nag iimbita: halika, humayo ka.

(English Translation Below)

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Sometimes, the reason behind why we travel is simply nothing more than the convergence of serendipity and opportunity. Perhaps, it just so happened that a door was open, a ride or a flight was at hand, waiting for you to take a step forward. School's out, work is done, or the holidays have come. You've got some moolah to spare, your heart beats and yearns for a little escapade, perhaps a chance to discover new things and places, or other people, and very likely, a chance to know one's self a little more, a little better.

There are those who travel to find work, and there are those who launch themselves to "live" instead of simply existing.  Perhaps, so that their ordinary days at home, at work, and in their community becomes more meaningful and worthwhile, upon their return. There are those of us who travel so that when they return, they are more "whole", give tighter hugs, find old beds softer, more welcoming and sleep more restful. Perhaps after a sojourn, once back again at work and all the mundane comings and goings of daily life, they feel stronger, braver, and much more ready to take on life's challenges. Life feels better, food is tastier and gives comfort like it used to, when one was just but a child.

We can think of a lot of reasons why we should travel. A thousand and one, plus some more. Yet there will be times when we haven't really figured out the "deeper why", even after we have already taken the first steps of a journey. Sometimes you will just feel or realize the reason why you had to go, when you are already on your way. When you are already far along a journey with your fellow travelers and as you witness their adventures, and go through your own. While you join them in the joys, pains, struggles encountered, and victories of going on a journey whether the trip be short or long.

Why travel? Some go forth, sure of what they want to do and find. Others, have nothing more than a feeling, an unexplained unmistakable longing in their gut, yearning to be filled. Sometimes, all it takes is an open door, a chance to go, a choice to move, and fearlessly going forth.  Stepping out in faith, as you hear the wind whisper your name, beckoning, saying, "come", "let's go", "the world is waiting". . .

And then you hear yourself take a deep breath, and take that very first step into . . .

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