His Journey to Love

His Journey to Love

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In 2013,was the year that I first met Rob in the flesh. 

First,let me tell you a little bit of our story and Rob's history of travels. In 2011, Rob and I started chatting with each other. We started as friends talking about random things. During the time, Wifi is not that readily available and I do not have a laptop, so the communication is on and off. In the first quarter of 2012, we started talking more frequently and eventually we decided to see each other in January 2013.

I found him very adventurous and actually a bit odd when he first came to meet me, for me he is not my typical kind of traveller. He flew from Amsterdam to Manila and from Manila he went to Cagayan de oro City by 🚢. From Cagayan de oro City, he came to Davao with the bus.And he came to meet me with his bike.Can you imagine how i felt seeing someone as tall as him who is abot 6'3" tall,riding a bike.I said to myself this man is kinda strange.

As I get to know him, I discover that he really loves to travel.He started when he was 23 years old.He would usually stay for longer period of time back then,sometimes more than 3 months. He usually went traveling when it is winter in The Netherlands because he finds it too cold there. He also earns while he travels, he usually works in a dive shop. He worked as a dive instructor in Koh Lipe in Thailand and also in Puerto Galera in the Philippines.

Photos: Rob in Ethiopia ( in the year 2008 or something)

Photo: Rob In Bali, Indonesia (he thinks this is from  2001)

Photo: Rob in Gwalior, India

Photo: Philippines some time ago

Photo: Khao San Road, Thailand (more than 10 years ago)

He has been to many places. You can tell from all of the photo albums he now have. From all the stories you hear from him. From all the memories he share.

I asked him why?Why did he start travelling in the first place?

" I found it boring the life I had back then with just work and home. I think that there is a lot to see and discover around the world. To experience the reality of the world apart from what I have been brought up to. In a way I wanted to escape and by escaping I explored and experienced different things, different cultures around the world.I met different people, heard their stories and from a time I was a part of their story and they were a part of mine.My eyes were opened to a world unknown that up to now I kept coming back for more. There are more places that I have not been to, many things that remained a msytery. I am hoping i can continue exploring it as long as i can."

One's journey to love is always unique. Who would have known that after all the journey he'd been,the people he met and the love he had found and lost along the way. He found his way to me.  I am thanking the heavens above that among the vast number of human beings in the planet, ROB and I met. He was finally travelling to meet the love of his life.ME,hihihi.Our long distance relationship back then was never easy. But you will know when you finally found the one.Now, there are two less lonely people in the world because of Rob and me.😍😍😍

Photo: Rob and Me (Elephanta Caves, India 2016)

Now as I flip the pages of his photo album, I realize how the world can change in time.How much of the world needs exploring.How much I need to experience.

I am just thankful that we can now explore the world, make memories and create stories together. How wonderful it is to escape and be lost in the crowd with someone you love.

Travelling can open doors for us. Whether it may be the way to finding ourselves,finding the one to love or finding a purpose in life, it always make life more satisfying.

Take the first step now. Book that ticket or hop on to a bus. Travel,explore and experience!!!

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lesliesharmane travel blog images

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