MSc Physics Syllabus along with the TIFR Physics Solved Papers

MSc Physics Syllabus along with the TIFR Physics Solved Papers

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MSc Physics or we can say that the Master of Science in Physics specialization is a 2 year long program for the postgraduate or PG level course in India.

The eligibility of the MSc Physics of PG level course needs the aspiring student to must have at least a minimum of 50 percent marks in their bachelor’s degree.  Moreover, the BSc Physics Hons., which is a UG level course is much more preferred when compared to other UG level courses. This BSc Physics Hons. course from a recognized university is much more preferred.

The following are some of the top, best, as well as renowned colleges for the MSc Physics:

1. Hindu College

2. Hansraj College

3. Fergusson College

4. Ramjas College

Moreover, to study the MSc Physics the physics by Fiziks is the best name of all time. In the physics by Fiziks there is the complete MSc Physics Syllabus along with the tifr physics Solved Papers available on the website of physics by Fiziks.

The following is complete of the MSc Physics Syllabus:

For year 1

1. The Mathematical Methods concepts

2. The Classical Mechanics concepts

3. The Quantum Mechanics concepts

4. The Electronics concepts

5. The Solid State Physics concepts

6. The Atomic Spectroscopy concepts

7. The Molecular Spectroscopy concepts


For year 2

1. The Nuclear Physics concepts

2. The Relativity and Cosmology concepts

3. The Classical Electrodynamics concepts

4. The Advanced Optics concepts

5. The Statistical Mechanics concepts

6. The Group Theory concepts

7. The Astrophysics concepts

8. The Mathematical Methods Unit II concepts

9. The Relativity and Cosmology concepts

10. The Quantum Mechanics II concepts

11. The Classical Electrodynamics II concepts

12. The Solid State Physics Unit II Electronics II concepts

13. The Advanced Optics Unit II Nuclear Physics II concepts

14. The Advanced Quantum Mechanics II concepts

15. The Computer Applications in Physics II concepts

16. The Statistical Mechanics II concepts

17. The Astrophysics concepts

18. The Electronics II concepts

19. The Nuclear Physics II concepts

The following are some of the major as well as primary books for MSc:

1. The Mathematical Methods by Paul Goldbarts.

2. The Solid State Physics, Device and Electronics by K. Vijaya Kumar and T. Sreekanth

3. The Mechanics by D.S Mathur

4. The Electricity and Magnetism by James Clerk Maxwell

5. The Optics by Ajay Ghatak

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physicsbyfiziks travel blog images

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