Goodbye, UK

Goodbye, UK

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Here I am, after three months of on-and-off planning, excitement, and a bit of anxiety, I am sat in the airport waiting for my flight headed to the land of La Dolce Vita - Italy. I'm still trying to soak in every moment of this unreal journey, as I'd never really imagined actually embarking on this exciting route after leaving the study world. It was always a little wish, a little dream hiding at the deepest part of my conscious mind, that I never think is ever going to be fulfilled. 

And for this to be a real moment I'm experiencing, I am utterly thankful for everything that has gone through these past nine months. Because if it hadn't been for all these, I wouldn't have had the real gut to be chasing a wanderlust dream. I do not know what my new destination will make of me, I do not know what my personal development journey may look like at the end of this, but there are too many uncertainties lying ahead that I'd be better off embracing than to be anxious about. 

The airport had Beyonce's most sensational songs playing in the background, which gave me a strange sense of power and inspiration. It made me feel as though I have all the bravery and guts I need to achieve what I put my mind to. I take this opportunity to commit to myself to making my age 24 an exciting and interesting one that is filled with contentment, joy, and growth. 

Everyone has their own journey to experience and I am going to make mine one that I am super proud of! Today, I bid farewell to the land that has nurtured and grown me in the past five years, to the memories and friends I will cherish for a long time, and my two relationships that have made me realise the importance of this journey. 

I will take these precious connections and learnings to board my flight and start this brand new journey! 

"Travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."

Yanni checking out from the UK!
02.10.2017 3.29pm

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YanniTravels travel blog images

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