Why travelling alone?

Why travelling alone?

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    Why travelling alone? Travelling alone definitely change your life and also your views in things around you. because travelling alone makes you learn more, it's because you do things and experience with yourself theres the word independent. Wandering with your two feet will really brings improvement, you will be the one to decide because you cant rely to someone because your alone. especially you will learn to blend in different people, culture and you will learn to adapt or go with the flow of the changing wind. The following is the list you can get by doing solo travelling though they are lots but this benefit i will mention is base on my experience;

1. You can decide on your own


     Travelling alone is decision to make, why? because you dont know what will happen during your travel, you will think your security into that place. and by that your doing a decision for yourself.

2. Bravery   

    By travelling alone it developes your bravery because your doing this withoout assurance if this is safe. and also you do the things you have never do in your life. you do the thing without doubt and fears. So travelling alone developes your bravery.

3. You can get Freedom and Indepence    

  You can get freedom and independence by travelling alone because you dont need to worry other people or you have no responsibility to entertain other but you will just think about your self. You can do whatever you want in your trip because you're the only one knows what makes you happy. So for me travelling solo is a big sign that your growing.

4. Empowering Yourself

      Travelling alone makes you better, before you can eat into a restaurant because you dont have companion but when you travel alone you can eat into restaurant or food chains with yourself only. before you cannot wear swimsuits because you think what might people think or what might people say to you. but travelling alone you can wear swimsuits because your mental develop and you can meditate with yourself that what people say to you wont mantters, what matter is what do you think about yourself.

5. You can meet Interesting People    

  Travelling alone can be the way to meet new people it's either foreigner, locals or you can make new friends. Travelling alone help you also to be more sociable because you will learn how to talk to other people and you can be approachable to someone. You will learn how to blend to the attitude and nature of the people around you.

6.You'll learn that everything is Possible 


    Travelling alone is the best way to discover yourself. You will know your strenght and weaknesses. You will learn that the opinions doesnt matter to you. Also your mind, soul and heart will open to the wonderful world. Everything is impossible as long as you want it. The learning, feeling, memories and experience are the best souveniers you will ever have.

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hannabustillo travel blog images

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