Tomtom com getstarted How to up-date your TomTom device

Tomtom com getstarted How to up-date your TomTom device

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The downloading of the My TomTom application basically involves going to the TomTom website and then clicking to indicate that you'd like to "Start', determining the adaptation of the My TomTom application you'd like to download and then downloading the same. When the My TomTom application is downloaded, it is inserted into the TomTom gadget and the product begins to serve you immediately, with respect to maintaining the gadget and cutting-edge maps.

How do I sign in to my Tomtom Com Get Started Account?

Are you interested in knowing the exact procedure to log in to your Tomtom Com Getstarted site account, and then log in in a simple and hassle free way? Just follow the given steps and log in to your account:

Visit the official site to access Tomtom Com Getstarted site and get to the log-in webpage by clicking this link.
When you are on the log-in page, fill your credentials to login with Tomtom Com Getstarted. Tomtom Com Getstarted site and follows the instructions by clicking on"Login.
If you've lost either of your username or password of Tomtom Com Getstarted, click here. Tomtom Com Getstarted site then you can click the "forgot username or password?' option beneath the login form.
Set your Tomtom Com Getstarted site account password and log in again in a very simple way.
If you experience any difficulties with logging in, then you can get help directly at the Tomtom Com Getstarted site and they will guide you with the entire procedure for logging in.

Steps to follow to download the application

* Hell on the "connections to allow" the area below, and you'll see we've shown the location of the getstarted / Getting Started page on the TomTom site. Input that address (for the MyTomTom or getting Started page on the TomTom website) within your program, to allow the program to take you to that specific page.

* If you visit the MyTomTom / Getting Started page of the TomTom site, you will be asked in order of importance first to find out your country.

* Once you've identified your country and country of origin, click the "Start" capture that will be displayed on the screen to which it will be exchanged.

Next screen indicates the version of the MyTomTom application that you would like to download (by touching the setting button).

* When the application is completely downloaded to your PC, change it and insert it into your TomTom device. From now on, the application will keep your device and the maps contemporary.

If you have technical problems, while using Any Support. How to find a phone number, connectivity issues, and any other problems, our support users help you

Download and install TomTom Update -
1. Uninstall the previous updates and switch on the devices after connecting the device to the computer.

2. Log into MyDrive and click on the "Update selected" tab. Check what's

3. New and Accept and Install the updates.

4. Keep an eye out for updates that are complete.

5. After the completion, you should watch for the message to disconnect and then unplug the device.


If there is a problem that cannot be reported to Tomtom update installation, download or map that isn't getting solved by re-downloading or re-installation. Then contact technical support or take advice from the official documentation.

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Setup MyDrive Connect -
1. Get MyDrive Connect. MyDrive Connect tomtom gets started by clicking on SAVE.

2. On the download completion, click Tomtom com getstarted.

3. Locate the file InstallMyDriveConnect.exe and double-tap on this file.

4. When you receive User Account Control, then click RUN.

5. Go through the license agreement, then click I AGREE and then tap Next.

6. Install the software and then confirm your configurations.

7. Click OK and connect your device for navigation with MyDrive Connect.

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tomtom007 travel blog images

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