What is Pediatrics

What is Pediatrics

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Pediatrics is the area of medicine that deals with the wellbeing and medical treatment of newborns, young children, and teenagers from the age of birth to the age of 18. The Greek words "pais" (meaning "child") and "iatros" (meaning "doctor or healer") are combined to form the word "paediatrics," which means "healer of children." The medical speciality of paediatrics only began to emerge in the middle of the 19th century. The father of paediatrics is regarded as Abraham Jacobi (1830–1919).

What does a pediatrician do?
A paediatrician is a child's doctor who offers preventative health services to healthy children as well as medical care for children who are acutely or chronically ill. A paediatrician oversees the physical, psychological, and emotional health of the kids in their care at every stage of development, in good health as well as in illness.

Aims of pediatrics
The study of paediatrics strives to lessen baby and child mortality rates, stop the spread of infectious diseases, encourage healthy lifestyles for a long life free of sickness, and assist in easing the issues faced by kids and teenagers with chronic illnesses.

Paediatricians diagnose and treat several conditions among children including

genetic and congenital conditions
organ diseases and dysfunctions
Pediatrics is concerned with the long-term implications on quality of life, disability, and survival in addition to the urgent therapy of the ill kid. Pediatricians deal with the avoidance, early identification, and treatment of issues including.

developmental delays and disorders
behavioral problems
functional disabilities
social stresses
mental disorders including depression and anxiety disorders
Collaboration with other specialists
The field of paediatrics involves collaboration. To assist children with issues, paediatricians must collaborate closely with other medical specialists, healthcare providers, and subspecialists in paediatrics.

How does pediatrics differ from adult medicine?
There are numerous ways in which paediatric medicine differs from adult medicine. An newborn, neonate, or child's smaller body is physiologically very different from that of an adult. Therefore, treating youngsters is different from treating a tiny adult.

Pediatricians are more concerned about congenital flaws, genetic variation, and developmental problems than doctors who treat adults. Additionally, there are a number of legal concerns in paediatrics. Since they are minors, children generally lack the capacity to make their own judgements. Every paediatric procedure should take guardianship, privacy, legal responsibility, and informed consent into account.

A medical school degree is required to become a paediatrician. He or she then completes three years of training in a paediatric residency programme that is accredited before becoming a primary care paediatrician. During this time, they get knowledge on how to care for infants, children, adolescents, and young adults.

After completing a paediatric residency, a physician may apply to the American Board of Paediatrics for board certification after passing a rigorous written exam. Every seven years, re-certification is necessary.

Subspecialities in pediatrics
Subspecialities in pediatrics include:

pediatric cardiology
critical care medicine
neonatal medicine
nephrology etc.


In this post, you get to know about what  is Pediatrics and its procedure. On the other hand, this information has been reviewed by medical specialists at  It is provided only for educational purposes only and this doesn’t mean replacing the advice of your doctor or other health care provider. We encourage you to speak with your doctor about any questions or concerns you may have. However, if you are looking for the best Pediatrics in India then you can contact us via or you can visit Hospital.

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shribalajiaarogyam travel blog images

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