Little moments of 2nd October

Little moments of 2nd October

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A lot of times, I've found that it's the little moments of observation and soaking in that make life more real and worthy. Over the years, I've learnt to really take things slowly and be fully immersed in the beauty of my surroundings. These moments that I want to remember, they are heartwarming, they are thought-provoking, they are believing that there's a lot of good in this world, they are moments that put a smile on both my face and heart, they are precious moments that one only get to experience by close observation and an open mind. 

This series is, therefore, my tiny attempt at making these moments more than just an instantaneous feeling and helping myself to discover a different way of documenting this journey. In between these lines, I hope they will somehow inspire my fellow travellers and friends to start realising and admiring these moments of life too!

The moment my flight took off/
I had the last glimpse of Britain
Though the sky was grey I could see the thickness of the clouds
The greenery beneath outdid its charm
A goodbye, I bid my farewell

La Vie En Rose/
The guy hummed as he walked past the baggage belt
Must be joyous from a pleasant flight
Or excited to be home from a long journey

The couple I met on the shuttle bus to Rome/
They've just visited London and thought it was so-so
I thought they were travelling away
Turned out they're on the way to hip-hip-hooray

RMG departing from Lazie/
A girl who sat across me started singing
In her headphones playing her favourite tunes
Thinking about a good wine and some nice perfumes

Arriving at the stay with loads of baggage/
I walked down the street looking for some signage
Where do I go I secretly yelled
An Italian lady came up and offered some help

Dinner time approaches my stomach giggled/
I walked down the street that was a little breezy
Solidarity it is I turned around and took some piczies
Watching friends and couples having a blast and enjoying their din-dins

A friend I cherish came along this journey with me\
Different times and different airports it turned out to be
I waited in the hotel watching my Insta stories
Here she comes and we're finally happy
Hugs and kisses and talking about history
We'll track the rivalry and claim our victory ;) 

Good night <3 

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YanniTravels travel blog images

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