Cortina d' Ampezzo, love at first sight

Cortina d' Ampezzo, love at first sight

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If I think of Cortina I swear I did not know where to start, I crossed thousands of images per head that I feel can not be described with words. Like many of my trips to this beautiful city I brought tennis! My flight was at Rome and just arrive, turned on the phone and the first thing I see is a message that read: Buy a ticket flight to Venice, game curtain! Good for those who do not know, I think one of the things that has tennis is more improvisation. Yes, professional tennis players sometimes until the day before do not know where they will play it all depends on your convenience in terms of ranking, distance, costs, etc. Will automatically Alitalia case, I buy the ticket and I say goodbye to my family (two weeks they went to the Amalfi Coast, were not going to go wrong!).

I went to Venice, and from there I were waiting to take a transfer to Cortina. They are approximately 2 hour trip, but go very fast! The taxi cost about 100 euros. They can also choose to train; I arrived at about 11 pm, so the train was not a possibility.

As I arrived at night in my first few hours I could admire was German, and super quaint colonial architecture that characterizes this amazing city. But there was still the best! Is that it is completely impressed when the next day the sun came out, I opened the hotel window and suddenly had this landscape front, it is something unique! It was truly love at first sight!

For tennis and things in life, I had to go in summer; But Cortina is so cute that shines both heat and cold, good winter games were made in 1956 so it's no wonder! achievement not yet understand how not again be hosting such an important event that big does not fit!

When I found out I was going to Cortina, I started researching as a travel agent, obsessed with information and new places. All I read was that was outstanding, it was the place where the rich vacationed, and it was a place of luxury; Well the first thing I thought, as you imagine, is: How I will live this week my god! Well I say that quite the opposite is little! It is eaten as elsewhere in Italy, where the menus are between 15 and 20 euros, and most cute, clothing is still cheap! Above all Italian brands! This is what I experienced as I reached the suitcase 3 days later, so I had to do shopping (shame !!!) and of course (for women), if Intimissimi and too cheap !! 3-star hotel can be about between 60 and 90 euros double,

That week was one of the best of my life, the club where he played Tomi (my boyfriend) was amazing, the view was unmatched and well, I was surrounded by new cultures, beautiful landscapes and tennis! I could not ask for more. So if you have several days in Italy and do not know what city to choose, choose to Cortina! They will not regret it I can assure you!

If they go I'm here to help them with what they need!
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micalopez travel blog images

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