Tomtom com getstarted How to up-date your TomTom device

Tomtom com getstarted How to up-date your TomTom device

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The process of downloading the My TomTom application is essentially accessing the TomTom site (explicitly towards the My TomTom page on the TomTom website), click to show that you wish to "Start', determining the adaptation that you want to download from your My TomTom application that you want to download, and then continuing downloading the equivalent. When the My TomTom application is downloaded, it is inserted into the TomTom gadget and the product begins to serve you immediately, with respect to maintaining the gadget and cutting-edge maps.

Installation MyDrive Connect -
1. Download The MyDrive Connect tomtom get started by clicking SAVE.

2. After the download is complete, click RUN.

3. Locate the file InstallMyDriveConnect.exe and double-tap on this file.

4. When you receive User Account Control. Then click RUN.

5. Check out the license agreement, then click I AGREE and then tap Next.

6. Click INSTALL and confirm the configurations.

7. Click OK and connect your device with MyDrive Connect.

1. Download MyDrive Connect

* Before presenting MyDrive Connect, make sure the route gadget is not associated with the PC.

* If you are prompted to execute, open and save your document. choose open or run.

2. Install MyDrive Connect

• If MyDrive Connect setup does not start on its own, check the Install MyDrive Connect.exe registry on your computer and double-tap it to start the wizard for setting up. started a MyDrive Connect

* Once you have installed, MyDrive Connect will automatically begin and provide you with a login option or a brand new account.

4. Connect your device

At the time of installation you will be instructed to connect your route gadget to your computer while it's charging. To connect the device correctly, connect the USB link with the USB port on your computer. Only use that USB link that is supplied with the device; other USB links might not work.

5. Configure and activate services

On your device, turn it on and follow the directions in the installation wizard to enable the free services.

Tomtom Update -
In this article, we'll explain how you can make changes to Tomtom. Tomtom application on the device. This process is applicable for only the installed MyDrive application on the device. If you haven't downloaded yet, you must complete the process using Tomtom Get Started Site and then install the set-up.

If the installation was successful when the installation is successful, if a new version occurs, then you will be required to update your tomtom configuration. Prior to that, you must complete two actions;

Check the compatibility of your device. Ensure that you PC has the right compatibility using MyDrive Connect.
Make sure that you're running The MyDrive Connect latest version or not.
Once you've completed the two steps, you can then follow the procedure to update. Follow the following steps:

The navigation gadget must be connected to the computer and computer, then turn into the unit.
Start the MyDrive connection manually or automatically.
You should check if you're not logged in using the Tomtom account. If not, then enter your account details: password and email. You can select "Remember my email address" for more convenience.
Go to"Install Update" under the "Update selected" tab. There will be a list of what's new with this update, and this is where you must "Accept and Install" so you can proceed with the update. "Notice - if it doesn't show any software update, it means your navigation device is up-to-date. And so, you can disconnect the navigation device you are using from the computer, and you can skip the other steps." Otherwise, follow the next steps.
Don't disconnect the navigation device and look for the disconnect message.
It will display a message that you need to unplug the device and that it is secure.
On the completion of installation. In MyDrive Connect, check "YOU'RE READY TO GO!" message.
Click on the "Tomtom com getstarted" so that you can return to the "My content" page.

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