Laser beams to prevent sea eagles from hitting farm animals

Laser beams to prevent sea eagles from hitting farm animals

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Bright 3w laser pointer beams on the hillsides could be used to ward off white-tailed sea eagles from flocks of sheep.

Sea eagle expelling laser beam

Farmers will be able to apply for permits to pull beams on the hillsides of the west coast of Scotland to deter sea eagles from areas where they are believed to feed on lambs. The technology is to be tested in Argyll, an area where ranchers and farmers have had problems with raptors preying on lambs.
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White tailed sea eagles were reintroduced to Scotland in the 1970s and the population is estimated at 106 breeding pairs. It is believed that the figure could double in ten years. Scottish Natural Heritage said the trial would be "closely watched".

Lasers, which will be projected onto the hills and not directly at the birds, are among the potential new deterrents for sea eagles from sheep stocks, considered by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and defined by the agency. Last year.

The Chairman of the Farmers and Stakeholders Group told the program that not all sea eagles are a problem.

However, he said some juvenile birds preyed on the lambs.

He said if the 1000mw laser pointer test was successful it could be deployed under license to other areas where eagles were causing problems.

The director of the Sea Eagle project said the "serious concerns" of some farmers and crofters about the impact of sea eagles on livestock had been recognized.
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He said: "At this green laser pointer no trial on sea eagle deterrents has been undertaken.

They are being explored along with other options. A carefully controlled trial will be essential to ensure that lasers are a safe and effective method before proceeding any further.

Sea eagles are the UK's largest bird of prey and one of its most protected species.

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