Then put some children's fans on her

Then put some children's fans on her

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The skeleton is made of realistic sex doll erotic stainless steel. The red part in the picture is the movable part. The joints of the body can be adjusted. The touch of the new doll skeleton is big and tight, that is, it is daily life, but because it is more and more widely used, it has become more flexible, so there is no need to worry about it in any aspect.

Don't overstretch or put too much pressure on the smaller joints, which may also damage her bones. Don't care about her too much or too little, you should treat her gently like your female friend. Sex Doll Head Install the head and replace the eyeballs Use screw connectors to connect the head and body.

Rotate the screw on the head hole. Align the top with the hole in the body. Then you can rotate the peak until you experience that it will not fall now. Don't over-rotate the top. Prevent damage to the holes at the top connection. Doll care and maintenance Super soft tpe-sex-doll Often use mild antibacterial cleansing soap and warm water to clean the body of the doll. (Clean the doll's head once.) Use a cotton towel to gently dry her body, don't use a hair dryer. Then put some children's fans on her. Do not drip at the junction of the head and neck to prevent rust.

Store her in a cool and dry place and do not expose your TPE Sex doll to direct sunlight. Don't let your doll wear poor-quality or dark clothes to prevent her skin from being modified. The website is a new business, and after I discovered it, I almost suspected that I might be a pirated version. They posted it in the subreddit where you found me.

They assured me that they were legal...One afternoon later, tracking varieties moved from China to another aspect of the industry almost every week. Go to FedEx. The rate is slightly less than $1100, which is actually pretty good. I did my research and decided to oppose the $500 dolls I first admired on eBay because they are counterfeit goods at reasonable prices. Okay, how does that feel? The doll will not pass or participate or groan or charge fees. You fucking doll. The anime sex doll can't fuck you. Some people may try to "make love" with a doll, no matter what the hell it does-it's essentially an expensive Fleshlight, it can also be a variety of accomplices, and it's a hot girl.

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KevinMille travel blog images

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