10 Reasons Why the Maldives is More Than Just Beaches

10 Reasons Why the Maldives is More Than Just Beaches

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For some the prospect of a tropical island holiday is a hard earned dream, for others it’s a bit too relaxing.

Say ‘the Maldives’ and people are likely to react one of those two ways. Made up of twenty six island atolls studded in the Indian Ocean like shimmering jewels, it’s certain that the Maldives tick the tropical paradise box. 

But do they have anything other than blonde beaches and cocktails to offer? 

Here’s ten of the best activities to get up to in the Maldives:

Malé - The flat topography of the Maldivian atolls means the capital, Malé, looks like a floating city. There’s plenty to explore, with beautiful historic mosques, including the famous Friday Mosque, and plenty of exotic buildings. With such oceanic isolation, the National Museum has a wealth unusual artefacts that make it well worth a look. The daily catch at the local fish market couldn’t be any fresher and the fruit is mouthwatering. The main street, the Majeedhee Magu, has enough shops and restaurants to keep anyone happy.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling - The Maldives is one of the most highly regarded places in the world for scuba diving and Hanifaru, Baa Atoll is a great spot to start. You can hire equipment, get expert lessons and when you’re below the waterline expect to see all manner of gorgeous sea creatures including whale sharks, turtles, manta rays and tropical fish galore. For those who don’t want to go so deep, there’s always snorkeling, a shallower form of the same experience.

Become a Submariner - If the wondrous sea life sounds amazing but you feel you’d need a bit more power than flippers to see it, you can catch a ride on the whale submarine or take an underwater scooter and get the same experience.

Take a Spa Day - Get pampered and preened on the North Malé Atoll in the underwater spa. You can take a peek at all the underwater delight of the Indian Ocean without having to worry that your face mask is going to wash off. 

Dhoni Cruise - Take a traditional fishing boat for a sunset float and experience the majestic meeting of the ocean and the sky as Maldivians have done for centuries. 

Beyond Tourism - The Maldivian economy is absolutely dependent on tourism, but there are still many ‘home’ islands that are have not been adapted to tourism. Which, of course, makes them even more attractive to some tourists for their authenticity. If you can get your head around the ironies of globalised tourism, seeing the unaffected Maldives of the local population is a beautiful thing. Thulaadhoo, famous for its arts and crafts, is an excellent example of this.

Dance the Boduberu - The traditional Maldivian dance with drumming and singing is quite a sight. You can see the dance, or get involved, on many of the  ‘home’ islands. Alternatively, some of the resorts also put on Boduberu shows for tourists’ pleasure. 

Dance to the Beat - Or, if a more modern rhythm is your thing, you can take in some traditional 21st century partying in Fiholu, Baa Atoll. Here you’ll find DJs, some with global reputations, and three-day party events along the gorgeous white sands, with beach shacks serving food and drink. 

Take to the Sky - See the atolls from above and take a seaplane tour of the archipelago. This new perspective offers is sure to offer incredible sights.

Laze for Days on the Beach - There’s plenty to do in the Maldives, but even for those who like to fill every minute with activities, there’s probably going to be at least some downtime on the beach, in the sun and the extraordinary sea. So just relax and appreciate the beauty for a while.

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