From temples to robots

From temples to robots

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Japan is a place i spent two years living and working, I was only meant to go for 6 months and stayed 2 years. Im not one for re visiting places as i think there is a big world out there to explore but this place i did and i will return in the near future to.

Japan is becoming more and more popular and really showing on the map and i have noticed more and more people going to visit and explore this amazing country. It really is a must visit place so add it to your bucket list.

Each place is so different but has so much to offer the different type of traveller, many things  really amazed me which are how clean the country was and free from rubbish but if you search for a bin there is not one in sight and how effeicient and organised the public transport is if your waiting for a bus it will arrive on the exact time not a minute earlier or a minute later.

The Japanese are so polite and well mannerd and even if they dont speak fluent English they are more then happy to help you in any way needed.

There is so much contrast and diversity in this country and each place you vist is unique and very interesting, one moment you could be sat in a bar in Tokyo getting served a beer from a penguin, or even whatching robots dance, naked men running around in the snow or you could be sat in a tranquil Japanese garden feeling so peacful, happy and at ease or even sipping on a coffee in a cat cafe.

Im from England which is my home country but i always call Japan my spirtual home.

Most days i sit and think and miss Japan as i am craving some pretty cherry blossoms and sushi, the food is amazing and again so different to your standard dinning options. I wish i could upload all my photos as i have so many and so hard to choose as so many great ones but it will give you a little taste.

If you was ever thinking of a holiday to this wonderfull destination or even travelling and doing a working holiday then please get in touch i hope i can use my experiences to help you so you can create happy memories to and use some usefull tips for of the beaten track and away from the tourist areas. :)

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Jet Set Brunette travel blog images

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