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Rich up io

A standard Rich up io game is played by up to four participants, each of which is awarded 1500 dollars at the start. Roll the dice, and then move your character to the right location on the board. 

If the location has a property, you might choose to purchase it. When someone eventually ends up on the property, they will be required to pay you a charge. 

Purchase all properties of the same type to enhance your payoff. There are also additional areas on the board that, depending on the situation, can have both favorable and negative impacts.

This game, like real capitalism, maybe brutal: your friend can turn on you in a split second if money is at stake, so keep attentive and follow your own interests while dealing with other players. 

If you think you're up for it, join in the fun and start constructing your own monopoly at cookie clicker!

Popcorn Master

Popcorn Master is a fun and addictive popcorn-making game that challenges you to fill the containers without spilling all of the food. You keep glancing at those gorgeous machines with all the sweet and soft popcorn full of butter every time you go to the movies, don't you? You'll be able to use one of those today thanks to our fun free online game.

Keep creating popcorn until it reaches the dotted line on the top of the box. Once you've reached the finish line, you'll have to wait three seconds. You will lose the stage if three single pieces fall out of the box. Do you believe you can program the machine to produce the correct amount at each level?

Water Sort

Water Sort is a fun liquid sorting puzzle game in which you must fill the test tubes with the correct colors. It's all about shifting different colored liquids from one tube to another in this free online game until everything looks good.

Do you want blue water blended with some odd yellow fluid?

Look closely and remember that you can only pour liquids of the same hue on top of each other, so finding the perfect order for your moves will be critical to your success. How many stages of this brainteaser can you get through?

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Ceridwen travel blog images

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