Blazing Bangkok

Blazing Bangkok

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Our journey began on New Year's Day and after a fifteen hour flight we finally made it to Bangkok. On arrival at Suvarnabhumi Airport we withdrew our first foreign currency and unbeknown to me I left my bank card in the cash machine. Having left the UK less than 24 hours ago my parents were slightly worried how myself and my boyfriend would manage to travel for the next 3 months; if we were to keep making mistakes like that!
After debating if it were possible to walk to our hotel we decided against walking and did the traveller's thing of being shoved into a taxi, not knowing much about where we were heading, how much it would cost, or indeed how long it would be before the taxi would stop. Finally, we arrived at our rather unexpectedly nice hotel!

Our hotel, the Royal Princess Larn Laung, Bangkok was beautiful. On stepping out of the taxi we were greeted by friendly faces of the staff working at the hotel and the heat and chaos of Thailand seemed to fade away. The marble floors were freshly polished, every glass in the restaurant was perfectly placed and the staff were most helpful. But after the hours of flying and a sweaty, humid journey across the city we just wanted to bed down for the night. It was just as well that our hotel room had just about the largest bed we've ever seen and full working air-con! Bliss...

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Littlemissdreamcatcher travel blog images

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